Thursday, June 30, 2011

decidedly lazy

today i mailed a baby quilt to england. grossly underestimated how much shipping to charge, so, aside from the sheer, unadulterated glee i feel at having sold something from the etsy store, profit didn't happen. learning experience, blah,blah,blah... yeah. events of the past week have me feeling very stressed out, so that has actually aided my knitting. upping the knitting ante also means less nom,nom,nom... so, yay. still in those itty bitty britches. spent my meager allowance on some new sneakers. the plan is to have them worn out by the time snow flies, though if the buzzards can't keep the roads any bit nicer, i'll be stuck in the basement on the elliptical. i can't stand trotting past the stinky dead things.

i finished a sock today, and immediately cast on it's mate. making some pretty good progress on it, too. i have a bit of the one sock syndrome, so this is a huge advancement for me. keeping the ADD under control, one stitch at a time. lessening my beer consumption has speeded up the knitting as well, but tomorrow will find me back in front of the new sewing machine that still has me feeling startled all.the.dayum.time. it really isn't so complicated, i'm just a spoiled, untrainable monkey and every encounter with the brother leaves me feeling bewildered. gah. dammit. anyhow. so, whilst i'm off doing nothing every dang day, little things are moving along. hopefully at a slightly quicker pace. a decidedly lazy summer is not a good thing for me.