Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jamie's 'knitting'

As some of you know, the concept of yardwork or 'landscaping' is foreign to the residents of Becher Haus. So, bearing that in mind, allow me to show you a few scenes from the grounds around 'chez jamie', the other half of Miss G.



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Digging in the dirt is Mr.G's knitting... his happy place, which is now festooned with everything from strawberry-scented roses to avocados and kiwi. The Scottish moss was my favorite... he let me dig my toes into it. Now, to wrangle an invite back to the house of hounds...

water and rabid foxes

glacial waters cascading down mt. rainier. i made it down the path for the photo-op, and discovered my inner mountain goat on the way back up.
golden fox, parking lot, paradise base camp, mt.rainier. "don't touch it, it might have rabies". i wasn't always so paranoid... but look how crazy he looks.
scenic view from an edge of cresent lake. we came, we saw, we smoked.
cutesty shoes what cost more than the average plane ticket. i didn't even get in deep trouble for these... perhaps that shoe is still waiting to fall...

more pics to follow...
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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Miss Fiona, one of the French bulldogs-in-residence at 'So Much Yarn' in Seattle. This creature tongue-bathed my legs and broke her licker... as you can plainly see, it no longer retracts. The yarn-ladies were lovely, and apparently adept hypnotists. I left with a gob of yarn earmarked for another 'Clopotis'. As I said before, it was a drinking day.
Deception Pass. Headed out to Whidby. I have a photo showing the perpetually pissed face I made every time I got near a bridge, but my pride doesna allow me to show it to you... yet. I brought the good scotch in with me today, so maybe later. Suffice it to say, a lot of Xanax was consumed so that Melly and crew could get me to...
here. For all you Sandra Bullock fans, this is a bit of Coupeville, the wee hamlet where the street scenes for the movie 'Practical Magic' were filmed. The building on the far right is the 'potions' shop from the movie. In real life, it's a gift shop filled with fabulous scents and bobbles. I snagged a gaudy, beaded necklace as my souvenir. Loved the island; the nerve-shattering bridges and breath-taking views were a bit more formidable than I expected.
Another unexpected delight: taking the ferry back to 'civilization'. We'd arranged to meet Miss G at 'Great Yarns' in Everett for knit night. The ride was fun, and the harbor views couldn't have been more charming.
Tomorrow: Cami meets the scary mountain and shows off her souvenir shoes...
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Friday, June 12, 2009

four thousand words (subtitled)

Arriving in Washington: view of Mt. Rainier from port-side of plane.
Self-portrait at the gum wall. My apologies to the other 'touristy types' who may have been offended at my gum offering to Melly. We're not lesbians, we just play them on t.v. (another story for another time, I assure you...)
Tahoe, the fish-launcher. I so totally did want to catch a fish in the market, and between the Jameson's and Miss G's coaxing, managed to do so twice. Smelled of salmon the rest of the day. Too drunk to care. The Alibi Room rocks, btw. If you're local, or in Seattle for any reason, head down to Post Alley and tell Corey hey.
Flower market femmes. I was dawdling to smell some lilies, and looked up in time to see I was being abandoned...
More pics to follow. Next up, views of Whidby Island, a scary bridge, and the most amazing yard evah. Landscaping is Jaime's 'knitting'... and he's damn fine at it!
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