Friday, June 12, 2009

four thousand words (subtitled)

Arriving in Washington: view of Mt. Rainier from port-side of plane.
Self-portrait at the gum wall. My apologies to the other 'touristy types' who may have been offended at my gum offering to Melly. We're not lesbians, we just play them on t.v. (another story for another time, I assure you...)
Tahoe, the fish-launcher. I so totally did want to catch a fish in the market, and between the Jameson's and Miss G's coaxing, managed to do so twice. Smelled of salmon the rest of the day. Too drunk to care. The Alibi Room rocks, btw. If you're local, or in Seattle for any reason, head down to Post Alley and tell Corey hey.
Flower market femmes. I was dawdling to smell some lilies, and looked up in time to see I was being abandoned...
More pics to follow. Next up, views of Whidby Island, a scary bridge, and the most amazing yard evah. Landscaping is Jaime's 'knitting'... and he's damn fine at it!
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@eloh said...

Glad to see you up and running.

A picture show would be a fine thing.

Do I smell fish?

Lucretia said...

I had decided you had closed up shop. We need some blog love out here in blog land.....

Robin said...

Listen to ya, port side...sounds as if you've been on a boat or something. I can't wait to see the garden pics, maybe you could load them on computer at shop so we could really SEE all the plants.
And all the other pics too - Seattle is my annual vacation to see my sister also. I'd live there if it weren't for grandkids and the almighty dollar!
Remember Saturday is World Wide KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY kids.
Always, Rob

brigette said...

awwww. pike place market.
fav. place on earth.
grew up there.

Anonymous said...

jkwefduys Crush The Castle