Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, hell. Look who's turned into Chatty Cathy all of a sudden. Must be my impending freedom making me all loosey goosey with the typing. Today was looking like a free day, what with Herr Becher on 'vacay' and all, but there's the 'Fun and Done' quilt class tonight at the shop, so someone has to be there to lock up. This leaves me with the bulk of my day to play around. I shopped my stash in the bedroom closet (what? you don't have random 66gallon tubs of fabric stashed all over your haus? get with the program... geez!) and found some Michael Miller "sundaes" fabric and was suddenly inspired to throw a few 'Stash&Dash' bags together. Oddly enough, there were coordinating zippers in that stash bucket as well. I did grab another half dozen zippers at JoAnn's last night before belly dance class, but naturally they've decided to be the wrong color for my current ice cream fabric obsession. See how calm I am? One might suspect I'm used to being thwarted by my own inner stitcher...

So, bright and early, I was up with the coffeepot, making my sewing-day plans, and I thought to check the traps. No morning mouse. Two days in a row with the no-mouses. Excuse me a minute...
Ok. I'm done with my happy dance, though the darkness inside me is snickering that the mice are just laying low till Herr Becher's vacation days are over, so that he'll be gone and I'll be back on body-dump duty. Ugh. I hate that little inner voice. Just once it'd be nice if she was wrong.

It's time, once again, to ready the store's newsletter. Camp Wanamaikasaukee kicks off 'officially' this Saturday, so I must alert the masses. I'm thinking sock camp would be a fun retreat to do every summer or fall, possibly in an exotic location. Of course, around here that leaves one with scant few possibilities: Bloomington, Nashville (IN, not TN), or further south to French Lick. Hmmm... gambling and spa treatments, all under the guise of 'sock camp'...
yes. I, too, see the beauty of this plan. Alrighty, then. Something to plan for, because I'm feeling way, waaayyy more creative as the shackles of shop-ownership prepare to come off. Thank God, 'cuz for a year there, I thought I'd lost my damn mind!

I'm slowly getting caught up on my blog reading. My hate/hate relationship with all things electronic has made me slow in getting to know our new computer, but I'm finding that since I'm the first one up in the morning, it's allowing me unfettered access. Usually there's five chirruns crowding me out, or Herr Becher's IMAO addiction to work around. Just know I'm looking, trying your yummy recipes in spite of the devil diet and couch to 5K plan, I'm drooling over your latest project, and I'm cringing at your latest round of sick puppy vet bills. Ugh. Keep spilling, 'cuz I'm so glad to be back...

a post-script for the bereft (this means you, sarah and laurel):
two words... fabric. co-op.
ponder that for awhile. like i said yesterday, one door closes, another one opens...


Laurel said...

I read the post, and then oh my word... there is another unread post below!!! How fabulous!
Well, fabric co-op you say? Hummm that sounds like a lot of work... I mean fun, it sounds like fun...
And yes of course I have 66lb totes stashed around my house full of fabric! Where else do you think I keep all that scrap that I cannot bring myself to throw away?
(I really should start using it, but then I wouldn't have an excuse to come in and buy more new stuff :)

Anonymous said...

oh ratz, ratz, ratz. this is the first i've heard of your store closing. ratz!!!!! so how does sock camp run? i could not come last saturday. ratz!!!!! i am happy for your new found freedom but sorry to see the store closing. ratz.

conni from m-ville

p.s. where will john & i meet up before he head to the willard?????

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

So very sorry to hear about your store. A friend and I stopped by Saturday and were sad to find the doors closed.

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