Friday, August 14, 2009

business or pleasure?

Tomorrow our Clementine turns two. Not the most earth-shattering announcement, but after the first year, I didn't expect to be tucking another anniversary under my belt. Embarking on year three in the face of the financial disaster currently riding the rails might seem like a doomed mission, but not for nothing do I come from tenacious a**hole stock. The knot is tied at the end of the rope. Commencing to hang on through the thick and thin of the coming year, secret stash of bourbon at the ready.
Today is 'Love Your LYS' day, according to the Harlot's page-a-day calender. Now, I get that she's a Canadian, she has unlimited access to 'Screech' (Newfoundland rum rocks!), and her depth perception may nay be so good, but, honestly... August? WTF? How freaking nuts is a yarn shop appreciation day in the heat of summer? I demand to know who is responsible for this abomination. It's nearly ninety degrees out, so humid even I have kinky hair today, and I'm supposed to believe that yarn shops around the world are rejoicing, reveling in their day of recognition. I can only shake my head and wonder at the desperation Ms.McPhee must've been faced with to feel compelled to pop that corker into her stack of fun factoids for her first-ever calendar...

Middle Child turned 10 yesterday, and had a celebration in spite of our last minute guilt trip to Milwukee. Getting home with exactly zero days to prepare for a child's birthday party tends to make a parent frantic, which leads to Bad Decisions... decisions like letting said child loose in the Barbie aisle, carte blanche. Oh yes, there was an overdose of pink and purple plastic in her shopping cart, which has had the added effect of turning her play space into something of a cat house, swathed in slutty dresses and replete with two alarmingly cheerful Ken dolls. *sigh*


Thimbleanna said...

TWO! Happy Birthday Dear Clementine! I do hope you're chaperoning those dolls -- either that or get making some doll quilts for the inevitable baby showers!

rob said...

Your spousal unit...he should be a writer - i know i've said it before. Sorry I didn't know what day it was, maybe i'll come visit tomorrow if the legs & arse will cooperate. Still recouping from Seattle. But I'm so happy we're 2 - (i say "we're" loosely). Poor Ms Harlot - she's had a rough way to go lately - some of the human race is just plain insane. They are not "human".
always, rob

@eloh said...

I know EXACTLY what "Barbie child" needs to set her play space in order. Tell Chip and Biff their days are numbered.

Sadly it means more than just putting worn card stock and ragged bills in the mail.

I shall become motivated. The last time I lit a fire under me arse, well, let me tell you that was a very bad idea.

Two years already...I remember opening day.

gaylen said...

Umm, I'm guessing it was the Harlot who decided that today should be LYS day. Just sayin' it was in her calendar. g

mrsrfair said...

Yea! Two years and many more to go I hope. I am addicted to the shop for all my fabric of course :)
About Anna's comment as far as I know they still cannot really "reproduce" no parts huh? still the undie lookin' thing for Ken I think. :)