Saturday, August 8, 2009

no excuse for it

It would seem I've become an Olympic-level participant in blog-avoidance. Not much to blog about, here in the heartland during the dog days of summer. Not complaining. Just trying to stifle the yawn.
Monday/Tuesday Mandi has shown a remarkable ability to talk me into the strangest things. Case in point: the creation of new yarn displays. I had a notion when the shop first opened about screwing paint cans to the wall, to display hand painted sock yarns. Imagine the shock on every one's faces when I pulled out of Lowe's with these in tow...
Yes, that's a roadster's-worth of cans. There were six more in the 'trunk'. Made a helluva racket driving back to the shop. The stares from men in tall trucks at stoplights were more than entertaining. Next up... remembering to bring in the drill to get the display built.

Still working on my Seattle disease... the skinny clap. Once it's finished I can go apply for my passport. That's what it takes these days to make progress. High-end bribes. I ordered gobs of 'Alchemy Yarns' and have future projects piling up aplenty, but this wee scarf is nearly done. Yay, me. To complicate matters, the skeins of yarn my clap is reposed on is still more of the 'Blue Heron Yarns' rayon metallic. The idea of a knitted tank won't go away, but since I'm trapped on the 'forever plateau' weight-loss wise, I'm hoping to put off the urge to knit clingy things for a while.
There's been a few new developments on the quilting front, the most alarming of which is my fascination with curved seams. Not the wavy, staggering drunk, careless seaming of a novice patch worker, but full-on, deliberate curves.
Yeah, baby. Gonna stitch it like I mean it... just as soon as I get my tired old machine to co-operate. This is the worst possible to for it to go all temperamental on me, but I'm learning to stop flinching and just roll.
That's all for now, my darling chicas. Clementine is starting a couple of knit-alongs for back-to-school. New yarns and fabrics arriving almost daily, which prolly 'splains my acute sense of impending doom. I did warn y'all not to use the words "stimulus package" in range of my hearing, right?
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gaylen said...

Mmm - pretty quilty bits. Love your poor sickness you acquired in seattle - still think it would look charming as an icord garland on my Christmas tree.


@eloh said...

I've seen some very unusual quilts made from the good old "drunkards path". Love the choice of fabric, as always you have the touch and the eye.

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Crap! Send the bandaids -- I fell off of my chair and skinned my butt when I saw you'd posted. We need a warning next time. Can't wait to see the paint cans installed and filled!

"Ban the Bran" Robin ;+} said...

Me likey the quilt...and yes, I fell prey to the same yarn for the clapotis at So Much Yarn in Seattle...and who knew, it's one block north of Pike Place, above Cost Plus World Market - two of my favs in the Northwest. I also went to (West)Seattle Yarns and they had Noro out the wazoo! And all my money had been more than spent! Sigh. They had mountains of all of it! The first shop had two sweet french bulldogs - Angus and Fiona and really nice shop people, by the way - they didn't seem to remember a group of 4 girls around June-ish. I thought maybe youse guys would have made an impression (?) Nuff said before I get myself in trouble. I have been exhausted since being home - we ate so much fruit that our intestines will never be the same (sorry, tmi). Hopefully I will be better by Weds. Just a passing thought...nobody can call me shit- for-brains anymore. I guess I'm mindless - Snark and grin...I've had my Seattle fix for the year and am glad to be back home. (Except for the wonderful sauna-like weather, but at least we have AC). See ya soon, Rob

mrsrfair said...

oh, I love the new quilt. You are brave with the curves but it looks great! I am anxious to make time to learn how to knit. I will have to come down to the knit-along and learn. I love the paint can idea!