Friday, November 6, 2009

progress report

hello? is this thing on? didn't mean to fall down a rabbit hole, but the home computer wheezed it's last the other night... there's a whole story about a stink like burning band-aids and computer shopping with a kid whose jacket smelled like cat urine, but that'll have to keep for later. for now, lemme show you this:
the 'serendipity scarf' ala cami. yeah. i had to start one. addictive. to the point of pain. winter coat a sedate charcoal wool. this scarf will stand and holla, y'all. i giggle every time i pick it up. that's actually a good thing.

down here, the 'authentic' collection from sweetwater. yeah, it's moda. yeah, they mostly are damnable fiends for not reprinting their fabrics (thusly ensuring widespread panic and manic stashing amongst quilters when new lines are released)... much as i hate to admit it, this line sucked me in. here while it lasts. and yep. that is a bundle of all 34 fats.

here is monday/tuesday mandi. hauled her out to lunch at my new favorite place evah, the irish lion, in bloomington. we only tried four whiskys for lunch. she's a little lit in this pic. some yarn shopping happened, as well. somehow yarn spun from waste silk off the floor of an indian sari sweatshop ended up in my possession. no, you cannot see it... yet. people turn 60 this year, and they are nosy, greedy beings. i will not have my surprises thwarted.

new opal. there is, of course, way more than these few colorways, and another collection ships soon. selling the daylights out of the scarf kits, so clementine's opal consumption is way up. keeping a few balls of all the new stuff on the shelf, though, for the die-hard socksters out there.

time to get out the door. you go be crafty. smooches, pooches. c
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Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- you got sucked in! It looks gorgeous!

@eloh said...

Check your e-mail.

Judith said...

Just started reading your blog. Trying to read some old ones, too. Great website BTW. I'll be back ...