Wednesday, December 9, 2009

busy, busy

Up and coming project at Clementine's... Miss Deb has made the shop sample and come February, we're running with it. Fast, easy, and fun. "Child labor in third-world countries" easy. Practice sewing your straight seams, 'cuz you're gonna wanna play with us. Workshop date to be announced. Start collecting your fat qwattahs now...

For the last-minute-lucys out there... the gift of socks is always a good idea. I made it simple, with yarn, pattern, and needles all in a bag. Fits easily into most stockings. I know the idea of shoving sock yarn into another sock should be appalling, but I just can't seem to work up a good rile against it, so I'm coming out to say I'm all for it, and irony be damned. As these are 'some assembly required' (okay, all assembly required, geesh!), they are so much more than the temporary thrill that comes from stripping off the wrapping paper. Give the gift of craft to someone you love this year. It'll last a lifetime.

It seems there was a little mix-up at the Michael Miller warehouse this past week, and a wee bit of the Paula Prass I ordered back in the summer finally shipped out. The 'feature' fabrics aren't here, but what did arrive is so darned fabulous, I'm not even caring about those birds. Aprons, pajama pants, bright and bold quilt blocks... this stuff is so much fun I'll prolly have to bust out the sewing machine this week...

especially for some lime green and aqua Eiffel Tower lounge pants. (above, fourth from left. drool.) This sewing, of course, will come after I finish the wee dolly quilt for stuntknittahredrhonda's daughter.

Perhaps I'll come up for air again before Christmas hits.
If you don't hear from me, send cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.
It's my holiday coping mechanism.
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gaylen said...

Hey sweetie - so very, very glad to see you are back. Love the sock kits - sock in a sock! Perfect! and the fabrics - TDF. Wish I had your energy (and grip on the holidays). g