Monday, August 2, 2010

the downside

and there is one, to all that damnable sleep i got last night... wired and wide awake would be this poor girl's status for now.  add to that the fact that everyone else in becher haus is sound asleep, thereby precluding me from doing anything remotely noisy, and you have one bored little blogger.  so, blog, how was your day?  me? oh, i went and hung out at the willard for awhile, since our croucher-comma-amanda was working and it turned into a beer day.  then, when i thought the day was over, i was coerced back... much diet soda was consumed, as my evening duties included 'designated driving'.  i rock the dd job, btw.  my companion not only clutched the ohshit bar the whole way, but was also sighted squinting his eyes shut, and, if i'm not mistaken, clutching his stomach with his free hand.  it was a very fun drive back to the haus!

tasks for the week include cranking out another pair of baby socks for an upcoming shower, getting three baby quilt tops into final assembly stage, and unearthing the walking foot for my sewing machine.  i don't care how boogered up it gets, i am going to machine quilt at least one of those darn things myself.  alone.  independent of a professional quilter.  yup.  i'm going right over the edge to the dark side of quilting.  it's a win-win though.  i'll have a completely finished baby gift AND i'll improve my on-the-fly cursing skills.  you know the ones... the special superpowers you get when you stub your toe or sideswipe a pole with your car.  yeah, sewing can unleash them, too.  soooo, anyhow... i suppose i could just medicate and zonk and get the day over with.  seems like too good a night to waste, though.  i stood outside awhile tonight and found pegasus and hercules and the corona, and a few other constellations i had to look up.  binoculars would be helpful.  remind me to hang them by the door tomorrow so we can have another lookie-see.

my official take on this sunday: ugh. just ugh. glad it's over, though my hair turned out fabulous today.  so, not a total loss, i guess.  g'nite, kittens.  *mwah*


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

Hi! I work with Colette Patterns and we love love love the looks of Clementine's Dry Goods (such a cute name, btw!). I tried to e-mail you but the message got bounced back, do you have another e-mail I could try?

Hope all is well. I'd love to talk shop with you!


Anonymous said...

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