Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is this thing on?

So, here I am, typing at myself again. A grouchy toddler has collapsed on my lap, further hindering my somewhat shaky typing prowess. Early this morning I went into town and came home with my formation documents... I am officially a business. Now what do I do??? Well, it looks like I'm stuck with the italic thing... I told you I was helpless. Setting up accounts happens at the bank later today, then I get to start ordering YARN & FABRIC... then the lovely and talented Megan will help- okay, help doesn't quite go far enough... Megan will assemble the website. Whew. These italics are making me woozey. Shall we look at some pics of THE SOCKS? Okay, obviously I have a LOT to learn about retrieving downloaded photos... at any rate, the Lucky Stripe socks are beautiful, and soft, and oh, SO comfortable. I love the customized pattern, and the two-at-a-time knitting. There WILL be pics posted soon... or I will be forced into stress-eating my weight in dark chocolate until Megan the Wonder Kid can sort this all out. I need to go lie down now, as I'm possibly having a technology-induced aneurysm... coffee... is there coffee?

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RedRhonda said...

Congratulations on getting your business all set up! Hooray - my yarn is practically on its way! You are so UNtech-savvy and yet seemingly unafraid of this whole new world. I can't wait to see your sock pictures (or perhaps see them in person)! Love ya!