Friday, April 20, 2007

Lexington, here I come

This is probably the most excited I've been in a long time... I'm off to catch a glimpse of the Yarn Harlot in the wilds of Kentucky. Okay, so Lexington isn't exactly off the beaten path... good thing too, as I had to resort to mapquest to find a route to the convention center. Please, oh please don't let me get lost. I'm rather the sort who gets turned around in parking lots. Parking garages leave me breathless in anxiety, and driving somewhere ALONE for the first time, especially out-of-state is making me nauseous... BUT I'M STILL GOING... do you hear me, Rhonda... and I'm so upset that you have 'morals' and all... (Rhonda refuses to have a "sick day" to come play with me in KY.) So, today I will knit a baby hat of the pink 'Blossom' yarn to give to the hat project, but I'm starting another one for the knit-in tomorrow. Also, I'm headed out to get CHOCOLATE, of the organic variety, for the much beloved Harlot. I will take pictures, that at some point I HOPE to be able to share... and Mom, if you see this post, have VERY much fun on that sickening glass overlook at the Grand Canyon... I'm barfing already (inside) and if you DO get the photo from inside Rushmore, your grandkids will be mightily impressed. Happy trails, to mom, to ME, and to all knitters everywhere. Smoochy kiss... Cami

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RedRhonda said...

Not fair. Not fair at all.