Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's all so confusing

I don't know why I had to have a blog... actually that's a lie. I've been reading the archives on the Yarn Harlot's blog... you can never have enough Harlot, after all, when it occured to me I might want to respond to some of the other commentors. (I'm STILL seeking the sweater for the 14ths post, btw) There is a title used for some of the other readers/responders and it began to fill me with dread... I did not want to become known as a BLOGLESS Camilla. Yes, I'm in those middle-years (37 last month!) and I did not grow up with a computer in my lap, though I can totally see the benefits, and we've only had a computer for six weeks! Not Amish, we just live in the boonies, high-speed internet will soon be available, and if it weren't for the fact that I do have five kids to homeschool, and knit socks for, I'd be a full-time crazy woman. Last night I picked up a digital camera... it's way smarter than I am at this point, but as soon as I can coerce it into spitting pics back out from whence they are stored, this blog will be way more colorful. Oh, and as I have NO idea what I'm doing, I have Megan. She has a real job... an important one, too... but she has agreed to be my geek for SOCKS!!! and food. I love smartie-pants computing geniuses who will work for KNITTING. Tomorrow I will show you the Lorna's Laces socks I knit two-at-once, toe-up. It was freakishly fun, and at a gauge of 10 sts/inch. I actually wore a hole through my "knitter's callous". But for now, that baby of mine is being sneaky-quiet, so off I go, a blogless-Camilla no more. Knit on, knitters. Camilla


RedRhonda said...

Congratulations on your bouncing baby blog! I'm so proud of you. Knit on, sister!

Christie said...

You know I don't knit, but I do love you so! :) Congratulations on your new blog!