Thursday, December 17, 2009

dirty, sexy knitting

Another day, another bout of knitting ennui. Four hats in three days nearly did me in, but I don't get to stop. This train to knitting hell has a few more stops to make before I work the button tab hat out of my system. To change things up, I'm doing a 'turn a square' hat as well. No charming button tab to lure me to the big finish, but I do love me some raglan decreases. Monday/Tuesday Mandi has decreed that Mr. Hottie UPS Man needs a Christmas cap as well... *sigh*
My bloodied and broken fingers need to get back to work.

A shipment of Opal sock yarn arrived today. It was all "ooohs" and "aaaahs" as I unpacked it. Gorgeous stuff. I confess I look forward to new Opal far more than any other yarn in the shop.

I was fine till I noticed the accordion with huge bosoms splayed above it, then the Snow White-style corset...the baby-doll nightie, and then (so good I just HAD to show you here), the pink Tyrolean rig... really? Sex on a yarn label? Come on.
Then I thought about it a while. Sex sells. Of course it does. And isn't that your first thought when you look at a ball of sock yarn?
Apparently, it should be.
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Thimbleanna said...

Well, there ARE male knitters -- I suppose they could be marketing to them. And ahem. WHERE are the hats you've just made???

ranting rob said...

that is Not what I think about when I see a ball of sock yarn! Now I'm no prude and have shocked several in my earlier days but sock yarn is ~^^s o c k**y a r n~^^
Notice the soft, happiness signs and you love to fondle what covers your body(not sexually for PETE'S sake). It makes soft, warm comfort for your feet or a wonderful shawl. Hey marketing reps - GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! Not everyone in this world thinks "sex sells". What about warmth, softness, comfort, kindness. I guess that's the end of my soap box rant. Not to say that I've never had sex with my socks on (oops-tmi)- but that's not why I buy wonderfully soft yarn or knit with it. That's my story and I'm stickin to it, but I could be wrong. {dennis miller ref}
I'm right there with ya, Anna...where's the hats? And what if the substitute UPS man comes in - are you going to knit two hats now Ms Cam? I'm sure the UPS man would be delightfully surprised (hope he doesn't have a problem with hat head & product).
My surgery went real well and Ms Barb says she's going to bring me on Weds - damn driving restrictions. Merry Christmas ya, Rob

Can you guess said...

I'd also like to put in a request for heavier string, like worsted or even a bulky now and then.
Thank you...With no sexy vixens on the wrapper...I'll have mine in regular ole ball bands.
Can you guess who?

@eloh said...

Will there be titty hats? They must be worn in pairs... or it is just sad... very very sad.

Anonymous said...

At my local yarn store they also carry the Opal yarn with bossomy lady on the lable. Apparently she's a German rockstar. Boy is her yarn cute! I love the teal combinations. Aside from that bit of yarnish fun factoid,...I started working on a pair of baby legwarmers using one of the Opal Kaethe Kruse yarns. It looks spectacular and it'll look more cute on little Eleanor's legs. Wished I'd knit with Opal strips more earlier.
T in STP

Anonymous said...

is there a pattern provided for that pink outfit on the label? LOL ~~~!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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