Saturday, December 12, 2009

lil' miss saturday night

So, there was a new shipment of needles what arrived at Clementine's yesterday. Everytime a reorder was placed, I cringed a little inside, because I knew this day had to come.
The day of reckoning with the inventory lists.
It is upon me.

I spent a small portion of the workday swapping out titles of things, because as obvious as I thought I was being, not everyone looks at a package of Crystal Palace bamboo double point needles and thinks "BAM NDL" when ringing up a sale. Now they are all listed as CP and the 'whatever it is', like 8" dpn sz7.

Perfectly reasonable. And prolly a damned sight easier than trying to explain why other brands of bamboo needles weren't BAM NDL.

And to think I thought this would be simple. Go on. Go be crafty. I haz more typen to do...


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Croucher said...

I got a little nervous when I saw the heading for this blog...
This Little Miss Saturday night ended up being Little Miss In Bed All Day Sunday...

@eloh said...

Hey Hey... oriental spam.. this blog has enough hits to draw their attention. Good for you!

Usually that second comment comes in the e-mail... guess the aholes couldn't find yours.