Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas, y'all!

I'm over the hat thing. The one photo I managed to get of three of the four 'first hats' is on my phone, and it's not great. However, they mostly looked like this one on Miss Amanda Croucher's head. She's a new knitter, taught in the local pub. A hat on dpns was her first project, and she did a bang-up job.

So, what does the adorable and intrepid new knitter gift her knitting sensei with for the holidays?

Oh, hell's yeah.
That Croucher might just be the teacher's pet. Fabulous whiskey and fun company made yesterday one of the most pleasant knit-ins ever... well, and the 'Red Velvet Elvis' cupcake from The Flying Cupcake. That may have played a part...yum!

In the paranormal romance corner, the latest from our favorite local author was dropped by yesterday for a thorough going-over. Post-It flags at the ready. I'm looking forward to my holiday edit.
Now, to get back to my quiet Christmas Eve day here at Clementine's.
And, yeah, the Black Bush is at hand, for knitting emergencies, you understand.
Have a happy ho ho ho, y'all!
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