Tuesday, December 14, 2010

cookie monster

Yes, it appears signs of life do exist on this blog. I spent the day with flour and spices up to my eyeballs... well, truthfully, my bum was sporting the majority of the flour, cuz I have an obnoxious hand-wiping habit, and never seem to have an apron on when the really dusty stuff is going on... *sigh*
BUT, needless to say, I baked up eleven dozen and two molasses spice cookies today. They turned out perfect, crinkled and chewy and oh, so deliciously scented. Mmmmm. This batch is being gifted, but I'll try to get a photo and the recipe up here by the week's end. As I type this, I'm also baking the last pan of runzas. For those of you without Russian heritage, the idea of meat, cabbage, and onions seasoned and baked into a bun might seem a little strange, but I was able to fly to Texas last week and learn to make them properly literally at my Grandma's side. I'll put that recipe up too, since this knit blog is getting back to it's beginnings as an everything blog... and you know if both my sister and I were chowing down bowls full of the runza filling, it's daaayum good!
Becher Haus is holiday ready. The newly re-covered sofa (remember the knit pit? ol' girl is sporting some Denyse Schmidt now!)is home, looking all English and awaiting scads of throw pillows. To that end, I'm hoping to get some built from the remaining stash of home dec fabrics very soon. Knitting continues to crawl along...I took out a few projects and knitted a round or two on them last night, just to remind them what it felt like. Oh, before I forget... I just loosed a bunch of knitting books on the Franklin Goodwill this morning, so go lurk a little if your crafty book stash wants padding. I'm deep into de-clutter mode right now, and the back of the Suburban was full of a closet's worth of nightmare... I even got rid of the pink and orange 'Library' bag from L.L.Bean... and boy, howdy, was that hard to do, but someone will see it and love it and take it for walkies to visit the library, and maybe toss in their wallet and knitting and drag it absolutely everywhere...
well... that's what we hope for when we give away our perfectly good junk, right? Right now, some former crack head is stocking the shelves at Goodwill and thinking "shit... I was never THAT f^cked up!" Srsly. My pink and orange phase is over. At Goodwill. *gigglesnort*
Tomorrow is another day, and I've got plans in it, so it's off to sleep for me. You go do what you do, and stop back here...
you know you're curious about those runzas!

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Thimbleanna said...

Can't wait Cami! And get that camera crackin' -- you know, some of us are visual learners. (Not to mention we want to see that new sofa!)