Monday, December 20, 2010


See, every little once in a while I listen to Miss Croucher, especially when she's showing me a super-cutie-something-or-other in a boutiquey little bag with fluffy bits of tissue and pretty ribbons frothing out of the bag...
Well, let me just tell you... it's worth listening to The Croucher. I went into a little shop in Greenwood today called 'Lottie Dottie'... AHHH mazing. I bought skinny black jeans. A little black beaded sweater. An "I'm going to wear this 'till I die" grey tiny cardi. But the most unbelievable thing, for a formerly plus size girl such as myself, was the silver sequined top, to be worn with said skinny jeans. Me. Sequins. Shopping in a boutique full of adorable clothes. Trying things on and not having to settle for whatever will fit, but actually getting to be picky-choosy about what got to come home with me, in that beribboned and tissue filled bag.
Thank you, Amanda. It could only have been a better shopping experience if you'd been there with me!

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Rach Fairchild said...

I have been wanting to go in there! I will have to check it out now.