Saturday, December 18, 2010

girl, interrupted

Well, so far my lapse back into blogging has been a little hit and miss, but overall, I think progress is being made. If one considers how little time I'm actually anywhere near a computer, you'd be amazed I got THIS far...I'm actually considering just tweeting for awhile, but the tactile satisfaction of tippity-tapping on a keyboard keeps me here.
Now for a wee bit of show and tell... here you will see the old knit pit sofa, recovered in home dec fabric. I can honestly say it's an improvement, but she does require some toss pillows. I'm on it, though they may be just store bought cheapies from Target initially...or perhaps I'll venture over to Pier One after the holidays. Hmmmmm...

The other day when I burped the knitting stash, these were one of the projects I had to take out and fondle for a few rounds.  A delicious alpaca blend in tropical colors... and it's so FUZZY!!!! (Hey, Croucher!)

Now, as for the cookie recipe I said I would put up here... turns out I already DID... in November... two YEARS ago. There's even a picture, so just go dig into the archives, November 29th, 2008 and go crazy. They're totally yummy and calorie-worthy. I have much to do if I'm going to be ready to go watch Amy belly dance at Acropolis tonight. She says she wants to get me up and dancing with her... can you believe she starts drinking so early in the day??? LOL!
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Nicholas said...

That couch is amazing!