Saturday, November 3, 2007

coming up for air

This week has been a blur. I suppose our inability to handle 'houseguests' on short notice combined with the change in Bill's work schedule, and the complete removal of a wall in the shop have left me feeling a bit whip-lashed, if that's even a word. Also, the whore-y nails are getting in my way and I won't have a chance to rid myself of their excess length till Tuesday. Oh, and I finally waded through the sea of paperwork from a certain distributor, and I've decided to bail on my purchase of "darn pretty" needles from Grafton Fiber Studio. It would seem that, in Vermont dollars, the needles are supposed to be a bargain. Thirty dollars retail, people. For tiny little 2mm sock needles. Thirty bucks. And, until the copyright deal is settled, you can buy a similar looking set of sock needles for six bucks at Knitpicks. Now, I'm all for artisan quality tools, but come on... Seems like a wee bit of a discrepancy, don'tcha think? I'll sit back and wait till the lawsuit levels things out, seeing as there are toes being stepped on, stylistically speaking, and then, perhaps, if the fates allow, Clementine's will have a few to offer as wares in the shop. I will most likely have to buy a set of each (el cheapos vs. the Graftons) just to try them out for myself. But now it is time to go, as it's 5:31 in the p.m., and the natives are restless.. and hungry. p.s. business loan in the works... cross your crossables, k? Thanks!


Stephanie said...

Ya know....Knit picks are actually my favorite needles. I haven't tried their pretty dpn's yet but I use their circs exclusively for my socks. I love their pointy points and the fact that they are only $5 compared to the Addi Turbos I use to's awesome. I have been pleasantly surprised by everything from them. I'm sure the wooden dpn's would be no exception. I'm anxious to see when you get them and try them out how they compare...because...c'mon....$30 for a set of dpn's? I don't think so.

Thimbleanna said...

Thirty Bucks??? I'd probably have to resort to buying a box of pick up sticks before I could spend that kind of money! See -- you know your customer! Hey -- do you have any of Jennifer Paganelli's Damask print in black and white? And if you do can I do a mail order??? ;-)

Claire (Little Miss) said...

Where do you find these less expensive needles? Can you buy them online? I posted on my blog how needles are $16 a pop around here and the stupid stores don't even let you exchange them if you mistakenly grabbed the wrong size off the rack. Cuz of course, you know, they always hang them in the right place on the hanger, right? Not.

Dragonfly said...

There are no needles I'd pay that much for! yarn, maybe but not needles!

Annalea said...

Don't fall over, I am still alive. ;o)

I just had to say that I wish that Knit Picks and Grafton could agree that they both can make their needles. If Knit Picks is ousted from such making such a great product, therefore denying untold and countless numbers of knitters from using great needles, I'll be So. Very. Ticked.

Besides. Copyright is for media, not wood. Music, language, images, etc. And KnitPicks isn't copying anything from Grafton, nor is it happening vice-versa. I'll bet they both came up with it independently, and happened to hit the market at similar times. It's not like using laminated wood for small objects is anything new or exciting. Like it says in the Knit Picks catalog--they've been making kitchen spoons out of it for years and years. If anyone should be fussing, maybe it's the first person who used laminated wood to make anything smaller than a GluLam beam.

Why can't we all be adult about things like this, and just play nice??? Sheesh.