Thursday, November 15, 2007

Signs of Life

The shop was a riot yesterday. Miss Barb brought in an early Christmas present. Seems 'Victoria's Secret' sent out some gift cards for special, holiday edition panties. She went in to redeem her gift card and lo, it was a whore-pantie. Of extraordinarily tiny proportions. She gifted it to Clementine, who, although a figment of my imagination, has exactly as much control over her weight as she does her mouth. (I think it's the liquor, but she claims it's the dreary English countryside forcing her to ingest large quantities of sugar to keep from throwing herself off a bridge.) Suffice it to say, on her next trip to Hong Kong, her SARS mask requirement will be met in holiday style. Thanks, Barb.

Addi Turbo needles have been ordered. I'm not sure how it all got taken care of, but I didn't fall for the "you really need to buy the starter pack" line, and, in just ordering the important sizes and some of the new lace knitting circulars, managed to keep the order below anxiety-attack levels. Also, just for my blog readers, I'm pre-selling 'Lantern Moon' at deep discount prices, to get the initial order out of the way... if it's Lantern Moon and you want it... silk bags, totes, needles, the new 'gelato' silk ribbon yarn... you just e-mail me and we'll get you hooked up. This is wholesale plus a wee bit of postage, kids. You know you wanna. And Gaylen, there is a replacement guarantee on your sockstix. Just contact a local shop that carries them for help getting a new needle.

Now, I'm off to work, after I throw an ice-cream sammie at the two-year-old, who apparently woke up just now with a sore throat. I knew it was coming, as he slept forever yesterday. Latah, knittas. Cami

p.s. This is my second-to-last post on old Blogger... stay tuned...


gaylen said...

Well thanks for that head's up. I'll head over to the LYS where I bought them today and just find out about a replacement. I'm glad I've kept the parts!

Dragonfly said...

Waiting to see if you change bloggers... Been swamped lately but trying to keep up.

Can't wait to see your shop, do you know we're going to see you in a month?!?

melly~ said...

ok, I commented already!
post something, wouldja?!