Thursday, November 1, 2007

Still waiting for photo-ops

There is something to be said for houseguests who spend three days cleaning your house. If I'd been at home when the in-laws were leaving, I may have clung to my mother-in-laws' leg and begged her to stay forever. Except that would drive her into an early grave. The floors look really great, though, and the kids' rooms are sooo nice. I'd show y'all photos, but blogger still isn't co-operating. I am distressed.

There is a new patchworking class in the works, to take the place of the apron-along that has now finished. Everybody's aprons were fantastic, and I was surprised at how quickly everyone got 'the hang' of sewing again. Like riding a bike, except funner. So, now I'm plotting a "happy chaos" block class, and it's going to be a riot, with a grab-bag for broadening each patcher's fabric options. But now i have to go be a shop-keeper... type at y'all crafty chicas later. Cami

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