Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Q & A session

First, to Stephanie (stuck out in the wilds of the left coast), Xanax is my "drug of choice". I'm a bit of a crank, and the Xanax is a ginormous chill-pill, so I don't have to throw myself off the roof or slam anyone else's head in a car door. I have 'anger management issues', but aside from hating everybody, I'm really pretty nice, and, I think that's all that matters here. It probably all stems from a crappy childhood, but five bouts of post-partum depression left a nice big dent in my coping skills. Xanax is "cope" in a bottle. Yes, that's how quippy I always am... aren't you glad to be off somewhere away from me, happily knitting a second sock in one form or another? p.s. did you know Malabrigo comes in over 150 different colors? I so nearly pee'd my pants... and rep-dude left me the swatchbooks. I'm so 'whelmed. We could grope them together if you didn't live so far from here.*pout*

Now to cheap needles. I'm not knocking Knitpicks needles, because I have dear friends who use them, quite successfully, I should add. It's just a frustration, as I'm now a shop owner, to be in a position where I either have to funnel business to a mill-end retailer or try and 'stick it' to my customers, which I won't do, even for those gorgeous 'darn pretty' needles. I have a sock student who will have to knit magic loop, as her advancing illness will make knitting on double point needles too much of a hassle. In an ideal world, I would have just walked over to my needle display and grabbed the 32" 2mm needles she required, and we'd have been done with it... I may have even gotten her to cast on today. The hassle with Skacel has been ridiculous. I've been open for nearly three months now, and just yesterday got a message from their "rep". I have no idea when they'll be able to get addi Turbos into my shop, but I needed circulars TODAY, and had not one to offer. I'm putting an order in to Knitpicks, and we shall have our pointy, flexy, inexpensive needles. I might even order some of those fancy wooden ones what are backordered till doomsday. I can wait as long as it takes. You with me, Claire?

Gaylen, I feel your hair-pain. What it took for me was to walk into a salon I had no business in and tell the cutie-girl with the scissors to do whatever it took. And I also dyed my hair dark brown... quite a big change for me, but forcing my gray hair 'blonde' was costing me 235 bucks every three weeks... and it only looked really good for four days, and after eleven I was cringing. Now I dye my roots myself, though Erin still gets to chop on my hair. Add tons of texture on top, coupled with Aveda volumizing tonic (and an arm-numbing blow-drying session every morning) and I'm good with the new look. I have way less hair than I did a year ago, so I'm hoping to fix that, but, like I said last night... wigs could be kinda fun. I'm getting used to the idea.

I plan on trying to get into my mailbox next... I thought I spied a reply from Thimbleanna in there earlier. This day was so nutty in the shop, and 'Boris' was stuck home waiting on our new bed to be delivered, I just can't seem to make any progress with my jumping over to Typepad. I may have to devote tomorrow to that job, as I have LOTS to show and tell, and I think I can get Melly to do all the techie-stuff for me. She hates to see me pout, and she's become something of a useful gadget that I'd rather not do without... do you HEAR me, Melly Crocker? Gotta go; there is a rat movie awaiting my knitterly attentions. It's a ruse to sit very near my 'usband and sniff his aftershave and pinch his bum when he gets up for drinkies mid-movie. *tee-hee* Have a great night, muh knittas. Cami


melly~ said...

I have my own label. -roflmao- with both names. thank gawd she don't know all three cause I'm sure she'd tack a "gail" in the middle. :)
I'm coming friend. tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

Oh how I wish I lived closer. I would be all over the malabrigo you would never be able to sell it to anyone else ever again LOL.

Sucky about the needles. I didn't even think that it would be hard to get needles into a knitting store. Ain't that how it always is with everything though? I'd think you were asking for the heavens to part or something. I hope you get some needles soon. (I get where you are coming from about them though. But I gotta say...I really do loves me those knit picks points)

Claire said...

Ya I guess I'm with you. Couldn't quite follow the drift of what you were saying, other than that the supplier of your needles is a PITA. (Pain in the ...) I googled Knitpicks and those are the type of needles I like to use, except they have - I think - a different name at the yarn stores I've gone to. And they are 16 bucks a pop. Sheesh. I'd rather pay $5 a pop. Or maybe I'll just hit up a thrift store and find some old ones. To me, needles are needles, except that I don't get working with wood ones. Seems to me they would - and do - break.

Dragonfly said...

AH, somehow i missed that you were being asked to charge $30 in your store. But I'm glad you aren't agreeing. But that really sucks to not have circulars right there. I never thought about it being difficult to get a basic into the store.

Alison said...

I stopped by to see how it was all going....xanax, wigs, malabrigo (you could make a wig, no??) and lack of needles. One of my biggest grumbles about knitting stores is lack of needles: but after reading this....I understand a little more why needles don't appear in knitting shops.

Your humour though, and heart, continue to shine through.

And magic loop rocks.

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, I think I'm losing my mind? I would swear you had another post that I didn't reply to because I wanted to look something up, and now it's a day later and I'm getting ready to respond and its gone. I can't even remember what it was but I think I was going to say Good for You??? Does any of that make sense? Anyway, I thought I remembered seeing a bolt of that fabric that has big donuts on it -- kind of reminds me of the Martha Negley cupcakes, except there are donuts and maybe a few other thingies? Does that ring a bell???