Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't tell me I have to put it all up here...

Whew. That was a close one. I thought I would have to type my whole post in the title bar, and due to the character constraints, it was going to be a tough little exercise. Also,I would like to point out, for those of you who are new, or who've forgotten about the whore-y nails, how good I've gotten at working around them. Eve4n that doesn't happen hardly at all anymore, though I'd like to think it's just my amazing, mad 'skilz' at the keyboard, rather than the fact that the man at the nail salon does a better job giving me what I ask for than the owner does. Oh, okay, I know exactly who said that... you just get your mind out of the gutter and back onto your knitting right now, young lady. Sassy pants. Dirty bird. Fingernails. He gives me shorter, fake, whore-y nails. Dirty-minded hooligans, all of you.

"Project Big Hole" (really? again with the dirty mind?) apparently did not go off without a hitch tonight, and has, according to Melly, been postponed until tomorrow evening. Do not think for one minute I took this at face value, because it would not be below Miss Melly to play a debauched kind of practical joke on me. Not that she's mean... she's the furthest thing from it. But that tall gal do like her some silly, and me coming in to the shop tomorrow morning to find havoc and destruction after it had been put off by a day... well, I 'm just saying, I won't need to double up on the Xanax. In case the wall has already been torn asunder, I'm ready. Not that I could show you a photo or anything, seeing as how Blogger has made up it's little, circuit-y head not to allow photo-posting anymore at Becher Haus. I'm putting a flickr-thing together, perhaps tomorrow evening, you know, after "Project Big Hole" really has happened. All to show you destruction, some socks, and 'sleeping Eli', or his bum, rather. There are probably several other items of note in the camera. Seems Bill/Boris isn't able to show his evil minions photos, either. God only knows what he's got stashed in that camera.

Well, the dicatates of this sinus/allergy/snot-misery say I'm off to bed. If you are the stuntstitcher, e-mail me your digits, so's I can call you about the stunt-skirts. Also, remind me that we are three hours apart, so I do not call you at six a.m. Not that I'd mean to, but it's been one of those kind of weeks. If you are anyone else, please go get some sleep... I'm exhausted.


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