Saturday, February 14, 2009

All Sugared Up

Well, it's the close of another day here at Becher Haus. I surprised the chirruns with huge honkin' bags of candy for breakfast, then was reminded about how that's really not the best plan when young master Eli lost his cool about an hour after dinner. The blood-sugar collapse was too much for him... it was almost too much for everyone else. A hot shower and some fresh jammies and his world seems right. I'm a little worried about tomorrow morning, though. They might be expecting chocolate bars for breakfast. Maybe I'll take them out for 'Cracker Barrel' instead. The day before 'fat church'. (I'll just have water, please.)

Miss G booby-trapped me. In today's mail, there was a box full of wonders. More sugar for the wee ones, some fun gew-gaws, some outrageous sock yarn with a 'heart' theme for which she will be punished, and finally, the super cute Amy Butler 'Sun and Surf' halter top which my far northwestern cyber-pal made for me to use as a shop sample. Yes, that is code for "it'll hang in the shop until I need to wear it", but only my accountant knows for sure. We don't speak of these things. Anyway, in my eager rush to see the super-cute top, I may have flung it out of the box, where it proceeded to ejaculate heart confetti (you so did not see that word coming, did you?!) all over the dining room table. And chairs. And rug. I think I have one in my bra, too.

Are you happy now, Gaylen?

She is sooo lucky they stopped making pink plastic flamingos. 'Cuz if I lived closer, and if I had about a hundred of those things, they'd be all in her yard. And her bra.

Strong heeled sock to commence in the a.m. Keep reading, chica. Game is still on.


Thimbleanna said...

Hey -- everytime I come here that vampire guy is staring at me! Furthermore, watch your language, lil' missy, you're going to have to go R rated. Any news on the custom colored sock yarn yet???

gaylen said...

JB said he loves pink flamingos. What was wrong with your language in that last post?

How's the strong heel coming along? I'm ready for another chapter. Even considering a bath, a drink and a book - but that's a bit of an effort for one chapter! g