Thursday, February 19, 2009

Urchins revisited

Angie tagged me with one of those photo-meme thingies. Normally I'm not one for joining in the memes, but curiosity got the better of me and I had to go look. I've cheated a little, in that the fifth photo in the fifth folder was of a blurry Siamese cat, thoroughly up to no good, so I took a bit of license and swatted the scroll-bar, roulette-style, and took the fifth photo from where it landed. Still pretty far into the archives, this was from late April, 2007.

The spring rains had turned the drive into an unutterable mess, and, naturally, the children of Becher Haus decided it was high time to risk tetnus, diphtheria, and hook worm to have a go at being mud monsters. It actually got much worse than this, once they had their dad drive over the mud, rock, and wattle village they'd constructed... the garden hose was employed and they had to strip in the entryway before hitting the showers. It's amazing how much they've all changed in the past twenty-two months. Joey even has front teeth now! My thanks to Angie for making me take the time to go snoop in the 'cold storage' of the photo files.
Now, to do my bit of tagging: I know some of you take amazing pictures, so I'm going to tag Melly (even though she did this very recently), Gaylen, Tif (please, no scary desert creatures!), Steph (once you're recovered from Madrona, doll- no pressure!), and Ann. I'd also really love to tag Anna, but she's really not into the memes... still, her photos are drool-worthy, even when they aren't food related!
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a post-script: the bags from the previous post are six to seven inches in diameter at the coiled base, and about thirteen (or so) inches tall.


Thimbleanna said...

What a good mama to let those kids get all gunky-like! You're turrbly sweet to mem -- if I remember, I'll check out my photo folders when I get home in a day or so -- alzheimer's will probably win though.

Oh, and I forgot to say on the last post -- why can't you live "up here"??? I'd take 10 acres and an Aga!!!

Cycling Knitter said...

great picture, love it
thanks for joining in
sometimes its good to go back...

gaylen said...

sorry you are feeling ill. For what it's worth there is a bottle of Screech in my knitting bag. it's Newy Rum. Do you even like rum? g

knitter in the desert said...

No scary desert creatures? From the woman that posts creepy spider pics?

Anyway-I'm quite flattered that you tagged me cause you like my pics... I will be posting new ones here soon from this last weekend...

As for being sick--I was down for the count for two weeks...yep I was Typhoid Tif again.... Rest really is the only thing...but can we ever get that when we need it?