Friday, February 13, 2009


The 'Twilight' stole has died... again. If I told you how many times I've started this thing, I'd have to throw myself under a train in embarrassment.
Nine times. There. I said it. The pattern is labeled 'intermediate beginner'. I am so ashamed. I may have to take a few steps back before I re-attempt this. It's sad how little attention span I do have. Appalling. Really.

Here is the incomplete assortment of the 'beach glass' colors for the 'Modern Quilt Wrap'. Cocoa brown is missing. I took maybe five photos the other day, in preparation to show you the beautimous yarns all playing nicely together, and not once did it dawn on me that someone was missing. Gah. Drunk on stupid over here. Another round for me and my alter-ego, please, bar-keep.

Miss Jaime was a busy knitter. Started Sunday afternoon in the shop, this long wooly sock is knit in sportweight Louet 'Gems', with crack added in top, heels, and toes. She's got a fair bit of it's mate growing from her needles, as well. Yes, we are preaching the gospel of the Kidsilk Haze. Amen.

Gaylen is working her way through 'Twilight' (the book, not the devil-incarnate stole), and this post means she gets to read some more... yay! Have a wonderful evening. I'll be back with more fibery goodness later. The trains aren't running real regular anyway. C
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gaylen said...

Do you all love me for only agreeing to read ONE chapter of the book for each post? I know! Brilliant.

Love the beach glass. If this works, following is the link for the strongheel socks of my desire:

I love them. g

Thimbleanna said...

Ha! Our Knitress is human! And your dorks counter is hysterical!

gaylen said...

Ummm, I'm gonna lose interest and start another book before you post again and then all bets are off! g

Keithwgxi said...

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