Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bagging it

Anne Marie showed up with the first two 'clothesline bags' today. Handy for any portable knitting project, these stand-alone bags are so unbelievably charming I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they both sold the very day they arrived. This one went home with Miss Rob. It's done in Kaffe Fassett's 'paperweight' fabric.

Lori scored this one, in Amy Butler's 'french wallpaper' fabric. I was so enamored with these two that Anne Marie left with fabrics and thread to concoct four more. She works fast, so if you need one of these lovelies, just phone the shop and we'll hook you up. There's even a 'crack bunnies' bag in the works. Good, useful, and just plain fun. I can't wait to load up a sock project in my very own.

A slice of life at Becher Haus, captured and immortalized here on the blog. Young master Eli has finally discovered 'Lego' magazine, and has taken to turning our bed into his personal reading room. He dragged his pillow to our bed and converted it into his office, where he read until he passed out. Such a wee bit of cuteness, and my thanks to Melly for texting me at just the right moment. I'd had the camera poised, trying hard to avoid getting yet another photo of him squinting his eyes shut, when the chiming of my phone went off in my pocket. Presto. Perfect picture. Finally.

Tonight Herr Becher and I went to view a house for sale in the hamlet of Franklin. Perfect for a biggish family, even better for housing Clementine's. Not sure how things will play out, as we would have to sell the Knuckerhole (that's code for the current Becher Haus) quickly. So, if you know anyone with need of ten heavily wooded acres and an AGA, do send them my way. It'll work out if it's meant to, and I surely do hope we get to be 'townies' again. Type at you later. C
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gaylen said...

Wow - those bags are beautiful. How big are they really? It's hard to tell. Can't wait to see what comes up later. g

"Bag Lady" said...

My bag is 14" high and the diameter of the basket bottom is 7 1/4". (draw-string top) It's way cute! My name is Robin and I am so addicted to bags AND yarn to put in the bags!
Master Eli is so cute - he's getting so grown-up, I hope to see "them" again before Eli turns 10-ish. The fabric we sent home with Anne Marie is so cool - you ladies will love them.
Always, Robin

Thimbleanna said...

Surely, that can't be little fall-asleep-in-front-of-the-shop-door Eli in that bed??? What a cute picture -- he looks like a grown up little boy!

Jaye said...

I have been desperately quiet I know and shouldn't just contact you when I need something, but here I am anyway. Can you tell me if you have seen a pattern for a triangular knitting bag with a loop to hang over your wrist or on your belt and big enough to hold one ball of yarn?
My sil is knitting me a shawl (from the Knit Cafe book) and my task is to make this bag for her. It sure would be easier if I had a pattern. Not being very knit-literate, I don't even know the name of this thing. Hope you are doing well!