Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Barely Breathing

Just stopping in to let y'all know I'm still alive. Wretched sinus problems and Melly's croup conspired to leave me completely wiped out... so much so that very little progress has been made on the experimental 'Strong heel' socks. This is what I get for listening to That Gaylen. There was a five chapter agreement made if I could knit a pair up (it's a 'Twilight' thing, you wouldn't understand...), but the case of icks I have has made my hands feel like lead. Here's the progress thus far. That Gaylen knows how to throw down a knitting challenge. Be warned. She is ruthless and will taunt you with Screech even though you are clearly thousands of miles away...
I'm not a fan. Personally, I love heel flaps. They look snappy, they offer a break from the 'round and 'round bits of sockitecture, and they signal the approach of halfway done. This version of a sock (and I use the term loosely) just made me dizzy. And bored. But I will see this through, though I'm not sure who to inflict the finished product on.

Anne-Marie brought me more bags today. Redrhonda left with the cupcake bag so fast I didn't have time to snag a photo, so here are the remains. Two in Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Springy, colorful, and perfectly lovely.

And here be the crack bunnehs. I heart the cracked-out bunnehs. Yes, you have to say it that way now. It's obligatory. They get kinda pissy and will maul your knitting if you try to enunciate clearly. As chemically altered rabbits go, they're a good buncha bunnehs, though, so this bag might just get to be mine. Of course, as the day looms ever closer for A-M's daughter's move to Switzerland, we're doing our part at Clementine's to keep her busy and out of trouble... she left with fabric to make another handful of bags. Stay tuned.

New yarn has arrived. Always on the lookout for pretty bits of string, there is now a giant mess of yarn that needs re-organizing. Once it get it all gussied up I'll take a 'group photo' for the masses to see what's new. This is 'Handpaint Originals' from Brown Sheep. Not a new yarn, but a very recent addition to our string stable. I was thinking of another wrap when I ordered it, especially the colorway on the right. Pale, cloudy, beachy colors...
another 'Clapotis', perhaps?
See, I told you I was sick!
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gaylen said...

Just for the record - that was 5 chapters per sock and 10 chapters plus MS for a pair. Just sayin'. Plus I've more than completed my end of the bargain and my strongheels are 3" from toes. g

Thimbleanna said...

Well, I've been wondering where you've been -- sorry to hear that you've been sick. And ooohhhh, you're gonna know someone in Switzerland -- can you say Roadtrip??? You know....roadtrip over the water????