Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apron-alongs, and other future disasters

Note to Self (and Melly)... In the future, when I am 'brainstorming' or 'cooking up' or 'hatching' ideas, please have the good sense to stop me when I get to the part of the *plan* whereby I decide it'll be okay... no big deal, even, to plan an 'event' because I secretly believe nobody will notice or care, so the audacity of my creative schemes goes unchecked. 'Cuz you know what? I think the little 'apron-along' thing is growing, and destined to be a disaster of sizeable consequence. Two 'signees' the first day, Melly... what does this mean???

I'll tell you. A room full of women, some with questionable coordination (I mean myself), holding circular razor blades and in close contact with other chicks, also weilding 'rotary cutters', all chopping up their fantastic fabrics... at the same time. Am I capable of pulling this off? Oh, and that quilt block demo plan I thought was soooo brilliant? Somebody wants to see That as well. I suppose you thought it was mildly amusing to let me think I was going to have block demos beginning in October. Well, let me tell you, missy, what we're having is a low-to-mid-level meltdown. How do I make the copier spit out cute flyers? And that calender thing? Another store owner stopped in and saw it and wants a copy to distribute to her customers. Help, please... in the name of all that is Holy, help! signed, a rather hysterical Cami


melly~ said...
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melly~ said...

Tried to add a HTML link and evidently I'm not as smart as we all thought! -lol-
I posted a picture on my bloggity blog blog. Go look. :) Everything will be just fine.
You'll see. You'll be fantastic!

Annalea said...

Cami, stop and think for a minute. No, I don't mean let your brain run wild with all of your fear and worry. Stop and actually weigh The Facts, sweetie.

The women who wield rotary cutters at this kind of thing are nice. They're also grown women, most of whom have done rotary-cutter-wielding-in-a-group before. If seamstresses are anything like knitters, you have nothing to worry about. Just take turns nicely at the cutting table, keep the cookies and hot water stocked, and it'll be great. (Especially considering all of the mouthwatering fabrics you've got on hand! I so wish I could come!)

People don't run screaming from the room when they see you, Cami. (Your kids don't count. lol) They come to your store because it's a happenin' place, and it's full of gorgeous, yummy raw materials.

Your Apron Along is going to be a great success--and you can take that to mean "no dire failures included" if you like. ;o)

Do post more photos of the shop. Or put together a Flickr pool or something. I may not be able to come see Clementine herself, but I do dearly want to see her digs! :o)

Just breathe in . . .

RedRhonda said...

Congratulations on your impending doom, er, I mean great success!!!!

Dragonfly said...

People are coming in the shop, trusting you, signing up for things, fascinated by out, other shop owners would kill for that!

Congrats on all the craziness, you are on your way!

Marigold said...

Apron along?? say what? If it's like Melly's, can I do it too? pretty please?

(i even have my own rotary cutter. Muhahahah!!!)