Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It seems time passes me by glacier-sized chunks. I finally went hunting to see where my 'Dream in Color' order had got to, only to be told the e-mail never even went through. Orders are re-submitted, the pattern pdfs will be in the in-box in the morning, and more yarn will be here... eventually.

Okay, that brief paragraph was typed two days ago. Today we have the patts, I am kitting up "Freshcut' and "Lotus" quilts, and the books have arrived. 'Anarchy for Knitters'? I've got it, as well as Anna Zilboorg's 'Socks for Sandals and Clogs'... mind bending, that one. Only three titles were back ordered, and I'm satisfied with the service of 'distributor who shall remain nameless'. Fabrics were mailed out this week, which has been harrowing, and filled with surprises, mostly good, and I hope the shortness I detect in some of my bloggy-buds is only humorous derision and not 'real' frustration with me. I don't know what I was thinking, opening a shop with five kids in tow, no family to 'help-out', and no budget to hire in much needed assistance. God bless Melly, who is single-handedly keeping me (somewhat) on task and working up fliers and yarn cards. Whew. She makes me tired just thinking about her.

No camera with me today. One of the tricky things about getting all of us ready in the morning is I forget a lot of stuff. Lots of hand to forehead moments. Luckily I don't bruise easily. Gotta get back to work now, since fabric doesn't cut itself, no matter how threatening I am at it. Later, chicas. Cami


Dragonfly said...

Well you might be a little crazy but it's the good kind of crazy. A few more more years and you can put those kids to work :-)

In the meantime, thank god for Melly and her big heart!

gaylen said...

Thank god for Melly, her willingness to help and mad skilz with a sewing machine. If I was short - it because I'm super stressed at work and have had no real craft time in weeks. That will do it to a girl. I apologize if you felt it was directed at you - I lurve you :} g

Stephanie said...

I totally agree...once those kids are grown a little more you'll have an entire work force!!! Woohoo!!! Child labor! ;o) much is a copy of Anna Zilboorg's book? Hmmm??? And the Anarcy for Knitters? I might have to get's me a copy of 'em from ya.