Saturday, September 1, 2007

The only photo to post

In the far regions of the left side of this photo, you can see one of the 'painted ladies' from the Benevolent Crockers. I have a perfectly good pic of the other one, too, but blogger has once again decided, since I have so much time this fiddle with it this morning, to shut me out of my own blog. Just, you know, when the kids aren't busy power-hogging the computer. Webkinz have invaded our home and ruined my blogging schedule. Gah.

Yesterday I started a quilt 'sample' for the shop. It's a smallish quilt, about 45 x 60-ish, though I may make it a bit bigger, just to cut down on wasted yardage. It's a strippy quilt, from a pattern, and the ladies who came in whilst I was sewing were mighty impressed with it. It's Heather bailey's 'Freshcut' fabrics, in coral pinks and reds, marigold yellow, and an odd but pretty green. The 'focus fabric' is a ticking stripe using all those colors. Things have been so dull at the shop, and on Friday, who should show up but a reporter from the local rag. With a camera. And me in my fat pants. Ugh. Doesn't it just figure. I hadn't even bothered with the whole hair/makeup fiasco that morning either. At least my whore-y nails looked good. I'll be on page two in today's paper. I almost can't bear to look, but you know I'm going to... later, knittas. Cami


Annalea said...

Mmmm. How I'd love to make a quilt from the fabrics in the top two left-hand shelves! Or maybe the left-most three shelves . . . or just the center bottom . . .

The fabric is laid out beautifully, Cami. It's gorgeous.

Now, if only Blogger would let you post more photos of the shop in action. ;o)

Jaye said...

I love this photo! The fabrics look so yummy and delicious. It reminds of why I have fabrics in my collection/palette that I will never use. Thanks for posting photos of the shop. Post more as blogger allows and get a computer for the kids from Freecycle.