Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cenntennial Post... What makes me happy today

These are the bitty little scraps of a sample block I'm making for the shop. I'm still fond of pink and orange together, and they are playing so nicely as a 'pineapple' block. What do you think, Jaye?
Here we have tiny cake slice stitch markers, made by the daughter of an acquaintance of mine. This gal happened to witness me in my 'drunken stupor' right after my titanium root implant, and, apparently I was quite insistent that they make me cakes for this purpose. Let's see them all, shall we?
Who doesn't love pink icing... with raspberries, no less...

I think this one down here is strawberry, with loads of whipped cream. It kinda looks like the double-decker cheesecake from Shapiro's deli...Mmmmmm.

This one here is gorgeous, and the tiny frosting dollops are soooo artful. Don't you just have to have a slice for your own?

This week I got 'real mail', which I love, from one of our fellow bloggers, who has returned from her tropical paradise. She 'knat' on the beach. Way to be a knitta, G.

This thrills me to no end. It's an apron in the pupa stage, just waiting to spring forth as a jolly incarnation of the apron found in the Amy Butler "In Stitches" book. Bette is my stunt stitcher on this one...

and this one. The 'Lotus' collection full moon polka dots go great with some of the Martha Negley prints. The plums look smashing with the kiwi green dots...

Stephanie has really started something in this house with 'happy bunny'. When I saw this mousepad I just couldn't help myself. Thanks Steph.

And finally, for this strung together post (which will probably make me late to the shop) I present "Fred Flintstone", who traveled all the way here via Bette's suitcase from Bainbridge Island, where she went to babysit the grandsons. (So her daughter could take her new boobs to Hawaii to greet her hubby as he disembarked from his submarine. Cool, huh?)

Okay, that's my hundredth post, and now I'm off to the shower to get ready for 'work'. *snort* I can't think of a more un-worklike 'job'. Maybe a movie critic? Or an ice-cream taster. Yeah, I guess those fall into my catagory. Being in a yarn/fabric shop all day *rocks* and I just hope this all works out. 'Cuz it's nicer than sitting at home staring at the walls till the man comes home. That was always fun. Not lonely at all. Latah, knittas. Cami


Stephanie said...

OMG those little cake stitch markers are so cute!!! And who doesn't love Happy Bunny. He is awesome :o)

gaylen said...

Cami ~ I have to have some of those cake stitch markers. Have to! I still need to call you about some fabric for a store sample I have in mind and the skirts you want made - I'm waiting for Mr. Postman, but he hasn't shown up yet. g

Jaye said...

The caramel with the pink dots is too fabulous. Couldn't be horrible in any way with dots in the mix. ;-)

I also love the coffee fabric for the pupa stage apron.

Must have 3 of those cake knit markers. I have three knitty friends that would adore them. You know where to find me; let me know how I can get them.

Dragonfly said...

Those cake markers are great! Have a slight fascination with miniatures and those are fabulous.

Also in love with the saying on the happy bunny mousepad! I want that!