Thursday, September 6, 2007

sigh... and again

Blog ennui. It had to happen sooner or later. I was supposed to have a fun post, with all the dish about my Classic Elite/Berroco/Jade Sapphire purchases, but the fates conspired against me and my yarn rep was stuck home with a sick husband and barfing child. I guess the fates had conspired against her as well. We're going to try it again next Thursday, barring any other natural or health-related disasters.

In other news, I've been having an awful time finding ways to 'deal' with Fridays. You know, that loooong day in the middle of my "work week" where the kids have to be in the shop all day. Big fun for all involved. Last week Eli fed one of my Addi turbos to the little box fan I was running in the back hallway, what with it being about a hundred degrees every day last week and the central air working hard to cool only the five rooms where the shop isn't and the landlord complaining my a/c was making the entry of the main part of the building too cold (insert Scooby 'huh?' here)... well, it all just leaves a girl breathless as to what could happen next.

Tonight I got to chat a wee bit with Miss Melly. The heat and dust and misery that is Indiana has turned her into a walking snot factory. I thought I might have something to help her, so I rummaged through my stash and found some Clarinex that wasn't too old, but the upshot was finding some hydrocodones left over from having my tooth pulled... in November, 2005. Think they're any good still? I guess we'll find out soon enough, since I'm teetering on the verge of a cluster headache. I can still see, so we're good. Migraines are easier, because all you have to do is puke and it's over. Over. If I'd been a faster learner, or paid the least bit of attention, I could've saved all that struggling not to be sick and just gotten on with it. Funny how 'older and wiser' doesn't come with the tag line of "because I got my ass kicked, that's how". So, perhaps spending tomorrow in the shop with my devil-spawn children will give me new insights about coping, or staying calm, or finding ways to engage a six year old with fabric scraps while teaching a two year old to finger-knit. Or maybe I'd just better pack 'mommy's medicine' and we'll just survive. Daddy's new schedule begins in about four months. I can do four months standing on my head.

That cute and grouchy man I love is home now, so I'm off to torment him a bit before he shuts it down for the night. You all have a great evening/morning... I'll charge the camera battery and we'll have us a slide show later on. Cami


LotusKnits said...

Oh a slide show! Lemme get the popcorn, a comfy chair and some knitting.

Hope you're feeling well AND doing well (two different things, you know).


melly~ said...

Thought of you all day today, Cami. Wondered how you were faring with the little ones.
Hope your day ended better than you expected and you found some simple pleasure to make you smile.
Hope to see you next week!

Jaye said...

Children in the shop, I think, is a problem that must be resolved soon. Can you give them a job for which you can pay them (or feed them, as the case may be. ;-) )?? Sorting something, making something, rearranging something?

Or a babysitter.... You are a businesswoman after all and this isn't a hobby. You have put out real money and you don't want to turn people away from the shop because of the kids. What about a kids knit day, where other kids come and knit (with their parents! YOU are not a babysitting service!!!)