Thursday, March 19, 2009

designated blogger

because friends don't let friends blog drunk. yes, drunk. at 11:30 this morning.

seems clementine opened shop for cami today. girl was due a break. cami's grandmother died last night, so there was a wee bit o' celebrating grandma's life at clementines today. hope none of the patrons were scared off permanently. in lieu of flowers, please send whisky.

it is always sad when those we love are no longer with us, but it was time for grandma to go. she's in a better place to be sure. grab hold of that, cami and find you some peace.

melly here, commandeering camillaknits again for HRH (her royal highness) to share some shop shenanigans. clementine's was a fun place today!
noemi and i are doing a little knit-along on the modern quilt wrap. it is a gorgeous piece, knit with rowan kidsilk haze - what we like to call knitter's crack. call clementine and get you some!

here's no-blog robin trying to weave amongst all the giggling madness:

and here i am sporting a sock cami knit with a heel gaylen convinced her to try. cami's not a fan, but i think i like it! especially for self-striping yarns. always something new to try with knitting. gotta love that!

that's about all i got for this here blog. cami is too busy reading to blog lately. she may need an intervention. why don't you ask her what she's been reading. go ahead. ask her. you just can't even imagine.
carry on crafty ones!
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Thimbleanna said...

Is Cami reading that Vampire stuff AGAIN???? Yipee -- I got a peek at my CamiPeeps!!! You and NoAmy look like you're having tooo much fun and woohoo! A peek at Rob and her loom (with all that color-coordinated finery!) Thanks for the fun pics -- wish I were there to wreak havoc with you guys.

Cami -- hope you're doing ok. Sorry to hear about you grandmother.

gaylen said...

Oh I heard about the naked man book and the magic pants. Not to be confused with the traveling pants :)

Melly that heel looks like it fits you well. So much for letting her off the hook. I tried to give her a break last night.

Love the Kid Silk Crack! You girls are rocking the wraps and I expect to see them finished in Seattle with a photo shoot in Forks! g

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