Friday, March 13, 2009

Not never, not no how

Things at the top of my "don't even think about it" list for the coming year:

1.) Uninstall Adobe flash player, on Friday the 13th of anytime, especially while trying to process a credit card sale. Don't even ask. The fact that I still have fingers to type with after wildly scrambling to find the Quickbooks point-of-sale program in the under-counter squirrel's nest of a rat-hole that I call 'storage' at the shop would amaze you. I'm stunned to find the computer still in working order (I think), that I didn't scare the customer (I think), and that the list of silent expletives I rattled off in my head was so consise. I accidently forgot to open the drive before shutting the whole, god-forsaken mess off so the disc is still sitting in the computer, but tomorrow is another day.

2.) Forget to lock the door when the shop closes. You never know when one of those 'kill me now' projects will come waltzing in two minutes after closing. Also, until someone prints and distributes the self-help pamphlet entitled 'no, you cannot match cheaply made, mass-produced, licensed character bedding with anything other than cheaply made, mass-produced, low-grade Chinese fabric, so pick another project, please', be sure to have a fifth of Canadian Club with you, should you need to browse the offerings at Clem's. I am always amiable, willing to offer assistance, and have the patience of a martryed saint, but some sort of numbing agent is required if I've already survived #1.

3.) Debate for an entire day if having the shop open on the day the city decides to 'power flush and vacuum' the sewer system is really a good idea. Obviously, if you have to saran-wrap the toilet closed and run water down all the p and j traps, this could be a smelly, disasterous day. Also, wavering as to whether being open on go-kart day is equally dumb. If part of the 'track' is the city street in front of your store-front, and all the parking in town will be taken up with trucks, trailers, and greasy-food vendors, the answer is a resounding no. Knitters and 'sewists' are not shoping with abandon whilst still being supportive go-karting enthusiasts. Perhaps on a different day. Plan on no Clementine for August 1st. I will have my fingers tightly wrapped around the bottle in #2. And probably rocking myself in a corner, chewing my hair.

In other news, yes, the birthday fairy did magic up a flatscreen for me, no, the psychic reading was not the evening of 'fun for all' we thought it would be, and perhaps, when you're so desparate for new reading material that the 'heartwarming, inspirational romance' novel that comes free in the mail and begins with a forlorn cow on page one... and you read the whole thing anyway... it's time to head to the damn bookstore already. Luckily, the B&N gift cards came today, so book shopping commences tomorrow after work. Promptly at five. C


robin said...

I too, have been having problems with Adobe flash player (which might I say, is used in almost every application when you get an advertisement email etc). It still works on the laptop, just not the desktop and I've LOOKED and LOOKED for the different setting that is making them...different. Oooh wow can I go to B&N with you. How I would love to be set free with gift cards - even to watch you and the children run amouck in the bs. Ho hum though - right now I need weaving books and the buggers have not ONE in that bloody store. But I did warp my loom this afternoon after leaving your shop. It's smaller-ish and all I have to do now is wind it up and have Mikey help me take it off the peg. (And it's not cough*backwards*cough Cami).
So you're not going to be open on redneck race day OR sewer flushing day...what can we do to get into some trouble? Oh right, I have to take it easy and rest until we figure out why I'm so exhausted. Guess what?...I ordered your belated birthday present this afternoon - ha ha, I'm not tellin - you have to wait till it gets here. But I think you'll like it.
Hopefully I'll have it by Weds.
Hope you have a better day at the shop tomorrow - fellow knitters, get in there and give this girl some support so when she gets overrun she can have someone to drink with. ttfn, Robin

Dragonfly said...

It sounds like a very rough day but I have to say, reading about the romantic cow book made me laugh out loud

Thimbleanna said...

RuhRoh. Friday the 13th it was. Sorry, hope tomorrow is better. And I can certainly offer the answer to Rob's question about what to do when the shop is closed: Roadtrip North!!!

Kira's Cottage Christian Store said...

Oh come on! I know so many of those go carters will want to knit!

It is annoying that they are shutting down our roads isn't it?!
I, unfortunately will be here :(

gaylen said...

You know those go-karting mamas might need a break and a knitting store is the perfect place. Of course if you sold pastries, well . . . .

Hmmm - all twilighted out? Are you okay? Pregnant again? What's wrong with you woman - you read a trashy romance novel? Hope you feel better soon and can get back to crushing on Edward. Doesn't the movie release to the little people soon? g

Lisa said...

I am big Twighlight fan too. When those books were finished I was fortunate to find Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. Think of them as a PG13 rated Twighlight and also very funny. While reading them I wasn't even thinking about my compulsive need to buy more 100% cotton.

Anonymous said...

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