Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm not the easiest person in the world to surprise, so you can imagine my shock when Herr Becher came home from work today with this... a slightly premature birthday cake. Adding to my stunned reaction was when the big unveiling revealed this...

All hail Kim Tosino!
She's the driving force behind the annual Halloween bashes (forcing my hand- and my head- into those crazy witch hats last October!), and, when she's not off being a super-nurse, she bakes like a fiend. This behemoth was layered with chocolate mousse, covered in ganache and chocolate shavings, and contained three layers of the densest, moistest chocolate cake. Evah.

Is there even a point to getting on the scale tomorrow at Weight Watchers?

The mister had decided to order this cake right after Ron, Kim's husband and fellow air-traffic controller, brought it to the Thanksgiving pitch-in. She had full creative control over the theme, and due to my rabid love of the 'Twilight' series, she found a way to let me bite The Edward, since it can't happen the other way 'round. *chocolate sigh*

You go be crafty. I'm riding a sugar high. Thanks, Kim!
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gaylen said...

Thats because you always ask what people are getting you claiming you'll forget by the time it gets to you.

Jay is flossing his teeth with left over sock yarn - gross!!

The cake it beautiful and sounds yummy! g

Aliya said...

That cake is freaking awesome. I bet it was delish... Love you.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, I do hate to say it, but when that picture first popped up, it looked a little, um ... obscene LOL! Happy Happy Birthday -- I hope it was a Great One!!!

Marjie said...

Happy birthday (Gaylen sent me). Love your mystique badge on the sidebar. I'm afraid it applies to me, as well.

Bubblesknits said...

Happy Birthday! What an amazing cake!

veedogknitter said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
I know you love the Twilight saga, but i have to ask you...please tell me that you think that Renesme is the stupidist name EVER. i am pretty sure that "stupidist" is not really a word, but applies..
Have a GREAT day...btw, what a WONDERFUL gots yourself a good man!!!!