Tuesday, March 3, 2009


One of the main servants here at Becher Haus died the other day. My dear old dishwasher began putting up such a fuss (okay, more of a pissing and moaning contest) about the two (or three) loads a day that it was required to wash that, in order to survive the days here, I went out to Sears today and ordered up a new one. Saturday the new Bosch arrives, and the carcass of the old one will be hauled out... for a ten dollar fee. Seriously, they act like that's going to deter you from making them make it go away. I suppose there are tightwads who would rather pinch the ten bucks and spend half that on the gas to drive out into the backwoods to throw it in a ditch, but seriously, ten bucks? It made me giggle a little. It took me by surprise, though, that the saleswoman remembered us from the washer/dryer purchase back in the fall, but I guess there are worse things to be memorable for.

Today was a 'girl's day out' from Becher Haus, because the boys were all still sickly, and still more because the three-year-old has become a most vocal spawn of Satan in his misery. I just needed peace (relative), quiet (again, relative), and the open road, with some 'All-American Rejects' in the cd player. No-Amy burned me a disc, which I have loved from the word go, so I picked up the "enhanced" version and their previous disc, seeing as how I was braving Best Buy anyway. I mean, once you've managed to find a parking spot, what the hell. I should've gotten a flatscreen while I was at it, but I'm still hoping the birthday fairy will remember. He has a few extra days off between now and my birthday... I might have to start leaving post-its everywhere.

Things are relatively calm here at present, so I'm going to sneak off to read/knit/nap, as the mood strikes me. Tomorrow I have a paperwork snarl to sort through, so that I don't make Deb cry as she helps me wade through getting it all together for the tax guy. Type at y'all latah, knittas. C


Thimbleanna said...

I'm surprised the saleswoman even recognized your new svelt self. Ooooh, a Bosch -- did you get the version with the drawers? No wait, would that be silly with such a large family??? I can't possibly imagine what you would do with a new tv...how on earth do you have time for the watching???

gaylen said...

Ummm, I thought the old servant had a recall and could be fixed? I think I'm getting a new tv for the studio, soon. But then I need another chair so that we can sit and watch movies when the boys play poker. Of course, I would have to move the chair all the time to keep the dogs off it. UGH! g

Just Me said...

You'll love your Bosch...I miss ours (sold it with our house awhile back).

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.