Friday, March 6, 2009

They keep dribbling in...

The Fed Ex man just dropped off a box of back ordered yarn. It would appear the 'Lanaloft' finally decided to make an appearance. Here's 'twilight' (that's it's given name, but, yeah, I might have been swayed a little...)

and 'coral reef'. Pretty painted yarns. Not sure with whom they will end up. Miss Lori has a penchant for shrinking her knitting. I may have to get some of this into her hot little hands for her next fulled wool bag.

And, on another note, it's starting again. This is a partially completed 'beach glass' Modern Quilt Wrap kit awaiting it's final three mates. Nestled into a bed of tissue paper, totally tempting the unsuspecting knitter, I expect this to be the colorway of the summer. Only four of them will have the cocoa brown in them, and two will have blackberry. The rest will be blues-y/greensy/pearly. All fabulous. Just not cookie-cutter. We do try to mix it up a little around here.

Another quiet day at the shop. I'm going to go finish knitting the toe of strong-heeled sock, the first. It's not Trekking 181, but 150. I spent a bit of time on the website sourcing yarn and made the discovery of my error. At any rate, the second sock will not be so painful, as I have a plot to revise the heel-turn decreases. Having printed instructions might have been helpful, but staring at the computer screen and improvising didn't kill me. Yet.
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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, pretty. But you know, we only want to see that custom yarn posted here!

gaylen said...

Ummm - I told you where to find the printed directions. You just refuse to Ravel for some strange reason.

Off to blog post then work on a birthday box for a certain woman of advancing age :) g