Wednesday, October 3, 2007

and then what happened?

And when Cami finally gets everyone quieted down (scrubbed, showered, diapered, chased with a toothbrush...) and into their own little beds, and she gets her decaf brewed and settles in for a wee bit o' the blog-surfing, what to her wondering eyes should appear? Thimbleanna's blog, and a rockin' sweet review from the gal with the best pair of 'jugs' I've ever seen on a blog... go read. I'll wait.


Stephanie said...

Too cool...and how cute is the way he fell asleep!!! Cute little guy :o)

gaylen said...

Now I really want to come visit! I wonder if I can convince JB that I have to hand deliver the finished goods once Stunt Stitcher has managed to work magic?

That little man is absolutely adorable!

melly~ said...

you rock. we know. :)
I would have posted here sooner but I sat and stared at the rainbow socks for minutes on end. You think this sock Knitter can handle those? I just love them!

Thanks for the "recipe", AND the extra poundage I'm sporting after Tuesday's knit night and the magically delicious 'petit pain au chocolate'.
You do rock. You know that, right?

Laura K said...

This is adorable - your own shop! If I passed by and saw the precious boy sleeping in the doorway I would surely come quietly in - anxious to meet you. What fun!

Dragonfly said...

I can totally understand thimbleanna's reaction! You hooked me within the short time at border's!

Dragonfly said...

gotta tease you... Thimbleanna has better pictures of your store front than you have :-P

Eli looks adorable!