Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feedburners, and other screw-ups

I've decided to play the "blame-game" about this whole photo-uploading fiasco, and it all stems from trying to get my blog an RSS feed on my Ravelry page. Arrgh. (Can you feel my frustration?) The kids are feeding themselves dinner, and I'm just checking in so you know I'm not dead on the floor or anything... I totally could be, but so far we're all managing to hang in over here. I did make a monumental mess of the shop during some yarn rearranging, but it worked out nicely... here's where I'd show you that in photos, if blogger didn't suck farts so damn bad. That being said, I'm off to find warmer wool socks, throw the chirruns' in their beds, and hunker down in front of some mindless telly with my sip (sock-in-progress). Latah, knittas.

p.s. yes, Ann, will try to get swatches of 'shot cottons' when next I see 'Mr. Westminster', my rep, Kurt.

p.p.s. Melly... how DARE you be gone when I'm ill... shirking slave labor again, are you? Can't wait for the big hole, though... TOMORROW's the big day. I miss you terribly. Have fun in sucky Toledo. I'm gonna start buying you gas cards to come to the shop, now. Hrrumph.

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LotusKnits said...

Eeek! Let me know if you need a little help with your blogger issue. I'm not a certified geek or anything (ok maybe just a little), but I could probably figure it out.