Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's a "go"

The museum knitting plan has been given a nod, though I still have to catch the curator to make the 'real plans'. No problem. Although finding a spare five minutes for a phone conversation these days is rare. I might have to haul my fat ass over there in person and discuss it. I'm hoping there are archived patterns we can play with as well. (No, not to grope, just to ogle.)

Life here at the shop has been a good bit like "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". Several 'zero' days and a few others in that 'under ten bucks' range conspired to turn me into a melancholic, depressed, and annoyed little shop keeper. Then I remembered (cue head slap) that I'd just started putting out fliers (thank you, Melly!) and that it takes a good bit of time to get the word out. The past two days have been more positive, both in attitude and cash flow, though I did strong-arm Crystal into an unplanned Malabrigo purchase today. (Sorry, but I am an extraordinary enabler... looking for an excuse? Come see me.)

Now, I should get back to my knitty/patchworky existence and do something useful. Ha. What I'm really going to do is wait till daddy picks up his spawn and carts them off to a.) the grocery store, and b.) home. While he's off wrangling the midgets, I'll be sitting here, knitting away on the bag. The ginormous bag to be fulled and possibly auctioned off at the museum knitting event. I hope to have lots of good knits to throw at the public-at-large. Gotta go, customers need me...tee-hee.


Zork said...

You should knit some blankets, baby sweaters etc and sell them in your shop.

Dragonfly said...

I love that the museum event got the first ok, that's great!!