Monday, October 1, 2007

Off to rent a steam cleaner...

Oh, glorious day. It is overcast, drizzly, and has just the right amount of 'pall' about it to signify that something awful will have to happen today... I will be forced to scrub those dirty carpets in the back rooms of the shop. Of course, I'm also making petit pain au chocolat and, later, just prior to my collapse, I will have brioche dough resting comfortably in the fridge for Wednesday's knit group. Caramel-pecan sticky buns is what I'll be feeding them. If you're out and about, stop in for some.

But back to today. Carpet cleaning is something I've never done before, as we have always had wood floors, except when we were renters, and those carpets weren't our problem. How bad can I screw this up? I've been cautioned about using too much soap, but seriously, the kids' feet turn black in those back rooms where we didn't replace the carpet. That whole 'running out of money' thing rears it's ugly head... again. Tried to hire out the job, and the company wanted five hundred bucks. Ouch! That's about eight bolts of fabric... or a whole lot of yarn. Or a couple of wooden displays for the 'wares' at Clementine's. Hrummph. I've never thought of myself as the DIY type, but I'd guess I'd better start.

Spent a quiet morning blog-surfing. Time for my decaf breakfast blend now (can't really call it coffee if it's decaf, right?) and to try to pry the old man out of the new bed. A king-sized bed and I still only get about a 28" swath to teeter on in the night... it's because little dude still thinks he can bunk with the 'rents. Eli's kind of an octopus when he's zonked, and I spend the night trying not to catch a hand-flop to my eyes, and 'Boris' has to fret about a heel to the groin. Not the most pleasant way to regain consciousness.

Everyone try and have fun today. It's Margarita Monday (tacos at Margarita Grill, but you interpret it however you need to) and I need to get moving... my steam cleaner awaits me. Cami


Robin/Indy said...

I can smell them now... count me in for Wednesday punkin.
It's not hard to do the steam cleaning, but don't hurt yourself with the beast (no, not Boris)- especially with large areas.
Take some time to enjoy your "weekend".

Annalea said...

Hey Cami! So much fun reading the blog. ;o) If cleaning the carpets fails, you can always go get some of the $1/sq ft vinyl peel & stick tiles from the Home Despots. The stuff smells awful for a while, but it's cheap, tough, and doesn't look bad at all. And, if one of 'em gets seriously scratched or dinged, you can pry it up and put a new one down. For that matter, you can get a couple different colors and have fun being creative. ;o)

That being said, cleaning a carpet isn't really hard. I've done it several times on my own . . . just do be sure to do a complete clean water rinse after you do all of the washing with soap. A plain water with white vinegar rinse is even better (acidic carpet doesn't attract dirt like alkaline carpet that's newly washed--trust me one this one). About a cup of vinegar per gallon of water is plenty to swing the ph down low.

Could you maybe try to keep the camera in your bag, so we can see Eli sleeping by the door, or some of the bloggers who come to hunt you down? It would be so much fun.

Have a great week, and enjoy the crisp weather!