Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Knat at the Museum'

Making full use of Rabbitch's new verb, this intrepid shop owner is endeavoring to create the most impressive display of knitting force ever seen in the tri-county area. Okay, perhaps that's stretching it a bit far, but there seem to be few ways to reach new 'knittas' and, en route to the shop this morning (I'd stopped for some of those fresh-baked cookies at McD's...) I passed the museum. Hmmm. Cool place to have a knitting event. Hmmm. I have some yarn what needs used up. Hmmm. Could donate the yarn for a charity knitting event. At the museum. Like the movie, only, you know, better, 'cuz there's yarn involved.

As it happens, the spouse of one of the Wednesday knit-chicks is on the board, and they have a meeting in two weeks. I'm going to go full tilt on the promo for this event once I've gotten approval. The resultant knitted squares/rectangles will be finished into a throw (or two, or three), and would be raffled off for charity, having been 'knat at the museum'. Oh, that clever Clementine. Now to pick a charity. Perhaps a local food pantry, or the fire department. Or perhaps the throws could go directly to a nursing home, hospital, or with the firemen, to be used to wrap a scared, bewildered child. It's open for discussion, but keep your calendar open, as one night soon your presence will be requested, and you can say you've 'knat' at the museum.

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Dragonfly said...

i think that's a great idea. I vote for something local as it's even more good press for you. (plus I think it's good to do charity close to home and help one's community)