Friday, October 5, 2007

Melly is an actionfigure

I don't have photographic evidence to prove her super-powers, but she single-handedly fixed the flier snafu (well, her mister had a good deal to do with that as well), and she came and spent the day with me. She even endured having to fussy-fold piles of fat-quarters. And tying them with grosgrain. Neatly. At one point she had all the kids on the floor teaching them to shoot craps or something... I'm pretty sure back-alley pseudo-gambling games are in Joe and Eli's future. At any rate, the day passed and everyone lived, and I have Miss Melly to thank for it.

I came home to Madeleine baking a lemon/poppy seed bundt cake. You know those take forever to bake, right? I noticed something a little 'odd' about the cake, once it was turned out onto a plate...

Do you see any poppy seeds? Oh, they're in there, but she sprinkled them onto the batter after it went into the pan, and just gave 'em a little swish with a knife to distribute them. At least it's edible, unlike the failed cake/physics experiment of the early summer (which I evidently forgot to blog about) in which a mostly-baked chocolate cake took a dive out of the oven because Maddie had it a bit over-leveraged. There was a moment of silence and a collective 'awww', and she tried again, successfully, the next day. I think, however, that there may still be bits of cake batter in the cracks of the floor... that stuff is like cement.

I'm off to rock little dude to sleep. No idea what I'll put into the dvd player, but today was long, and xanax was required mid-day, which always makes me a little sleepier than usual. All the children are still alive, though, so all's well. Didn't even have to dip into the gin. (Clementine felt there should be an in-store stash for when she's having one of her 'spells'... and she found out Melly is a g&t gal... this can only get out of hand...)

Later, knittas. Tomorrow is another day. I'm sensing fried sweet potatoes in my near future. And more chocolate croissants... those are rising as I type, to be baked in the morning. Fresh and yummy. Will you be by for a bite? Cami


Thimbleanna said...

Hey look -- there's my little buddy -- and he's awake this time! LOL. That cake looks yummy -- she's probably invented a great new way to make poppyseed cake.

Dragonfly said...

Maddy's cake looks better than some of the ones I've made! Good for her!

Stephanie said...

LOL! We've all made cakes like that haven't we?

Oh how yummy....sweet potatoes are some of my favorites right now! I usually cut mine into wedges and roast them with lots of garlic on them. YUM!

Ahh...if only you lived closer. I would be there for croissants and I could bring over the coffee!!

Elizabeth said...

More chocolate croissants? I'll be over!
A little chocolate cake between the cracks is nothing compared to my oven after a cake recipe with an obscene amount of baking soda was added during my daughter's baking binge this summer. I swear the smoke alarm went off for a month after, ever time we used the oven.