Tuesday, August 7, 2007

All in a day's work

The brain-in-a-box never left the building, so not only did I send a cop on a goose-chase, I may possibly be senile, at the ripe old age of thirty... something. Old. Something old. Thank you to all who left condolences for my sanity. I'll miss it, too.

Today was the trial-run of sock 'camp', which is less like camp and more like me popping up and down and circling like a shark (or a hummingbird... I like me some sugar) to all the 'campers' attempting their first socks. Everybody left with a little something on needles. I didn't have a good chance to get any inventory logged in due to the last 'camper', the phone, and, finally, when I got home around sevenish, THIS was waiting for me... Poof.
There went the rest of my evening. It is now 2:39 a.m. (I don't care what time blogger says it is, I can see the time on my own damn clock, thank you...) It's late, or rather, early now, and this is the second day in a row I will have gone to bed closer to three a.m. Which wouldn't suck if I could sleep till eight... wow. That *never* happens. Man, I sure miss sleep... but I'm fully committed to the dish rag tag, so I'm still awake, 'cuz I just finished this little number (and Debra, blogless Debra in KY... you're "it")

Yes, in a fit of sleep-deprivation, I succumbed to running a little organdy ribbon (can't find my secret stash of grosgrain, which means the girls *did*) through the eyelets. OMG. I spent an evening knitting a dish rag... with lacy bits. Lord love a duck, I *am* nuttier than squirrel turds. Mailing this off in a few hours. Total time spent at my house... are you sitting down? If I leave for the P.O. at ten in the morning, this box will have been in my house less than twenty hours. It took me four to knit this thing, because I kept losing my place. Had husband put in a favorite flick of mine as he stumbled up to bed, so I knitted to Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Before that, husband watched 'Waterboy', which always gives me giggle-fits, hence the losing my place on the dishrag... and I haven't even posted photos of the pretties Stephanie sent me for our swap. The yarn is gorgeous, the chocolate mints nearly gone, and as soon as I get Bigrrrl washed, she'll have a cute sticker to sport. I have never stuck a sticker on a vehicle before... but Bigrrrl likes it, so she agreed to putting it on her rump... or, possibly, her rear... window. Saw a cool sticker on a car on the way home tonight. "Humankind. Be Both" Interesting, no? Oh, I forgot to mention the soap. Yummy soap, in the spicy kind of scent I prefer. And *so* shimmery. She is a 'potions' expert... I'm hoping she'll make some for the shop someday, too.

I have to go sleep now, or all my effort to knit quick will be for naught. I'll catch y'all later. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


melly~ said...

Cami, where -do- you come up with these phrases??
"nuttier than squirrel turds"
Hoping to see you tomorrow. I'll contact big red and see what we can work up.
Latah nittah...

Carrie said...

Wow way to pull it off for the team! We're off to a great start.
I hope tonight you get some sleep

gaylen said...

I hate you right now because you got the box and got it back out right away! I don't even know where our box is. Glad you didn't lose your brain.

Annalea said...

I'm so glad to hear that the file box never left the building! Thank heavens for small mercies.

And Cami dear, if you can manage to sleep between 10pm and 3am, even if that's ALL the sleep you get, your life will improve drastically. And I do mean Drastically. There's something funny about the human body that needs to sleep for those hours. (And don't start asking about time zones, etc. Just believe me, okay? I've done a LOT of research on this one.)

So, crash earlier and get up earlier, if you must have more hours in the day. But please pamper yourself this little bit and get some shuteye while it's dark. You deserve it, you knitter. (Imagine how much knitting you could get done between 3am and 6am!)

Can't wait to see photos of the shop . . . ;o)

Stephanie said...

Oh my! How on earth are you still even able to type? Let alone knit!??!?! I would be huddled in the corner batting at anything that came near me and murmmering "Leave mommy alone!" Until the men in white coats came and took me away.

Oh wait....that could still TOTALLY happen :o)

I'll have to post some pics of my Minivan. I have a bunch of bumper stickers on it. I figured I couldnt' make it any uglier than it already was :o) But I pick them carefully. My favorite is "Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult". That and "Minivans are tangible evidence of evil" Gotta love that :o)

Now my friend...go get some rest!

Dragonfly said...

We were told, at work, something the other day, that if cells don't have a chance to replenish with sleep then the next time they copy themselves (which they do all the time) you get this really funky copy of a defunked tired cell. I'm sure the instructor would correct this to more scientific speak but that's what it came down to.

I know you are totally running and running and swamped beyond belief, but you deserve a little more sleep. (and I agree with Annalea about the hours of the sleep too)

I am glad the file box was found and that sock camp went well. you'll have to post completed camper socks when they get them done. The dishrag was cool too!

Now try to get some sleep, we like you and don't want you carted away!


rohanknitter said...

Wow - you are a dedicated dish rag tagger! Your team is lucky!