Thursday, August 16, 2007

"how many customers does it take..."

to pay the rent? Four. How many patrons does it take to rescue a brand new shop keeper from the brink of despair? Yup. Four again. And they were lovely. Elizabeth, Kellie, Erin, and Barb, you guys totally made my day. That and the fact that I found a way to extort slave labor out of my mother. It seems boring her to tears in a knitting/patchwork shop one day, then providing her with both a sewing machine and pre-cut strips of Amy Butler's "Belle" fabrics the next was the winning combination. Gentle Reader, in the span of an afternoon I have an almost completed set of "coin" strips, which are to be set with solid strips of another of the "Belle" fabrics... it is going to be gorgeous I tell you, just oooh, so pretty. And fun. Definitely not stodgy. Not that I'm judging or anything.

Speaking of, has anyone carefully analyzed the tag results on Emily's blog? Hmmmm? Not to point any fingers, but can I just take a wee moment here to shout "GO TEAM!!!!"? and "Rapid Rag Relayers ROCK" and whomever is up next, keep those fingers warm and nimble, and don't poop out on us... we're doing great. I'd also like to cheer on Gaylen's team... she's a 'Happy Yarn Hag'... I'd like for them to come in second, so, "GO HAGS!" to those gals as well.

GMarie called me on opening day and I nearly fainted... how weird is it to hear someblogger's voice out of the blue, or rather, out of the phone... it was an unexpected treat and I was so flattered and grateful for the attention. You should know this about Gaylen Marie also... she has volunteered... of her own free will... to sew clothing samples for the shop. I'm getting together Amy Butler's patterns practically as I type this. Enjoy the vaycay, my lovely, crafty friend... you'll likely find yourself very busy sewing "future skirts" in the near future.

Is my policy a good one, or am I 'taking advantage' of the pool of stitchers by offering the make it and (in six months) take it approach? So far, (in my vast two days experience) having samples for the general public to fondle and snort has helped make the sale. The 'Frog Tree' scarf in particular. This again is why I'm keeping mum tied to the sewing machine. Tomorrow I'm putting the pieced top in the shop window, then mailing it off for machine quilting on Monday. She leaves on Saturday, so I'm feeling like I need to push,er,'utilize' her for all she's worth. She really likes sewing, or at least she did 'till today *snort* and I hope seeing the fabrics actually made up into a blanket will move the stuff along. I don't want to seem too pushy, but seriously, if you want to make a sample, send me an e-mail and volunteer your 'special skillz' and perhaps I'll be able to take you up on it. 'Cuz having the shop has so far meant far less time for fun and creating, and more time for anxiety and ulcer-growing.

Tomorrow is Bill's birthday. I'd had him take the day off, so we could go see a movie... yes, I had *totally* forgotten about having a *store*. There. That's my stupid confession for the week. I forgot about opening the shop. Could I be any more "duh"? It really is fun, I love meeting new knitters (no quilters yet... but I've been told they are coming... soon, and in packs), and once the freak-out newness of the daily operations wears off, I promise I'll be much more pleasant to be around. And Mel, your yarn should should go into the que for shipping tomorrow. I'll call with details, but it's coming straight to you... whew. Gotta go sneak up on my mother... she's being too quiet. Cami


melly~ said...

good morning muh knittah.
glad to hear thing are going well minus the lapses into temporary insanity! Yeah, you're pretty much chained to 55 Water Street until say...a nice knittah you know comes down and learns POS (and that is POINT OF SALE though I've heard the more common usage of POS also applies in this Vista case). We'll chat later. I'm busy loving up my man. (read: cooking for him) ;)
Happy Birthday Becher Bossman! (please note tongue firmly planted in cheek) and many more.

Anita said...

Congratulations on opening day! The worst part is over. Now, just enjoy your customers and all the knitting and sewing goodness.

Nope, I'd say your sample policy sounds fine. I've had samples out for years before I ever get them back!

And as for the Dish Rag Tag. Watch out. We are right behind ya! ;-)

hkennon said...

Yes, yes, yes!..... so happy to hear that you made your rent each of the first two opened days.... signs of good things to come, I'm sure. The shop is great.. and that's because it has a terrific owner.
Our little knitting group really enjoyed spending time with you and Melly on Wed and hope to spend many more happy knitting hours there.
Hugs to you,

... and Happy Birthday to Bill.

gaylen said...

Yea Cami - I'm glad you had a great opening day and that you have conviced your mother to be a voluntary slave! I'm happy to help and I'll always let you know when I have too much on my plate! Enjoy the shop - g

Oh, as for that movie with hubby - don't you have a little tv with dvd player in the office? Sit him down in front of it, pop in every once in a while. You can view a movie together, run the shop, and be kidless for a little bit. That's a great birthday!!! g

Annalea said...

Woo-hoo, Cami! Congrats on making the rent. :o) The rest this month is cream, right? ;o)

And happy birthday to Bill . . .

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on your opening day! You survived!!! I'm off on a mini vacation! I'll talk at ya later!

Dragonfly said...

Congrats on the first couple of days! I think it's kind of funny you forgot, but that's just because you aren't used to the routine of it yet. Sounds like you are doing great so far, can't wait to see it!!

LotusKnits said...

I'm glad you've reemerged from your first few days as a shop owner! Keep breathing!


Alison said...

Congratulations on opening!!!!!!!
I hope many nice comments in the comment section pay your anxiety out too :)

It sounds like such a happy warm shop so enjoy!

Jaye said...

Let's see a photo of the front of the store! Let's see some interior shots.

Anonymous said...

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