Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My kingdom (or stash) for a brain

This is ridiculous. How in the sam-hell am I supposed to find the time to do all the required typing of data, when this notebook keyboard is just. all. wrong. Buttons seem squished together (they are, duh.) and I haven't mastered the no-mouse thing. And my backspace button, which I use all the time, seems to be sitting where I can't reach it. I'm not even going to 'share' with you how many times in this post already I've accidentally typed a series of 'equals' signs. Ugh. It's enough to make a crazy person, well, *nuts*.

On the upside, I got three complete accounts logged into the inventory, but I'm waiting for my Brown Sheep and Schaefer orders to arrive. I think there are a few accounts I'm going to keep vague, like the "artsy" yarns. If it's a one-of, or a handpainted grouping, what is the point of assigning it an item number? Or the huge order of yarns for fulling (it has become a peeve of mine... just today, I think, that no one uses the proper term for shrinking a knitted item.) I shall use it. Y'all just keep up, k? Anyway, all that Nature Spun worsted, seventy six colors in all, does *not* require meticulous record keeping. If the wall looks a bit wan on blue, I'll order some. It isn't that huge of a shop. I have all the fabric grouped by designer, rather than particular print. This will suffice until I have an e-store running at the same time. Which, without a geek... I have *no freekin' idea* what hole Megan the wonder-geek fell down, but I'll need a bit more assistance if she's going to get those socks ('Motherlode' from Lorna's Laces) on her piggies.

In other news, I'd like to inform all rag-taggers that the 'ball band' dishrag is taking forever. I'm soooo glad I opted for the hexagon-shaped one, even with the bobbles and eyelets. 'Cuz after the eyelet rounds, it gets twelve stitches smaller every other round. Keen, huh? I sure thought so. Brilliant design. Of course now I'm mired in the ball-band version, in a sky blue/lime green combination. You'll see it when I'm done. Right now, I'm remote blogging from the dining room table, trying to get used to this stinking laptop. It's the no mouse thing that's killing me. Tried to buy one at Target yesterday, while shopping for temporary yarn displays... do you know how hard it is to find 'Vista' compatible anything? It was like we'd entered a giant, time-sucking worm-hole... it even took an embarrassing amount of time to find a gig flash drive that would work. Annalea, I'd love to follow your advice, but there is seriously no extra cash bits, and the lady helping me with Quickbooks got a little panicky when I mentioned the swap-out to her. So many details, not enough brain cells.

Well, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this keyboard, now to spell-check and be done for the night. Tomorrow will find me in the shop, kid less, in the morning, then hopefully knitting with some of muh knittas later in the day. With a lovely, temporary wire-grid structure mucking up my rockin' yarn and fabric shop. Btw, my mother has declined an invite to come help (i.e. babysit her devil-spawn grandchildren for free) because she'd be "in the way"... y'all don't know the extent of my wrath. Just wait till she needs a nursing home. I might not be a very careful 'shopper', if you get my meaning... until tomorrow, when I hopefully will be better rested, less cranky, and possibly wearing underwear. Lazy, lazy girl... Cami


Dragonfly said...

hello to the non-latin Cami! I wish Vista wasn't giving you such headaches. (we won't implement it either) I think as store owner you are perfectly in your rights to make executive decisions about what things need special item numbers!

Recovered from trip. Getting kitty is becoming a headache but I'll post about that tomorrow, too aggravated right now.

here's hoping you find a mouse, reasonably priced and Vista compatible. If you can't find that, find a good drink.

gaylen said...

I have to agree with d-fly! If you can't find what you need reasonably priced, a good drink always manages to get the job done!

I am going to attempt to get out today and by a really long circular needle and then you'll be bombarded with email, while I attempt to learn 2 socks on 1 circ at the same time. I hope you sanity can handle it!!! g

Stephanie said...

I still don't even know how you are doing all this. Are you wonder woman?? I seriously would be huddled in the corner hiding.

Good luck with the mouse thing. I hated not using one. I couldn't do it either....and then Connor poured a glass of water on the laptop. Problem solved. I never had to not use a mouse again :)

Annalea said...

As for the artsy yarns, couldn't you have an item number for all of them together? Like, there was a "grocery" button on the cash register at the little convenience store I worked at, and a "tax" button for everything else.

And as for mice . . . you just plug the darn things in, and they work, right? Maybe an older, rollerball mouse that uses a serial port? Even my relatively new Dell laptop has a serial port. (It's a round one, distinctly different from the rectangular USB port.)

Best of luck with the keyboard, and the ball band dishcloth. (Which is my fave, btw. I love the simple rhythm of the pattern that doesn't require constant rechecking. I just get into it and go. :o)