Thursday, August 9, 2007

One Lucky Guitar

Today was a wee bit hectic, but the morning rolled into a nice afternoon, with some very nice friends, who came by the store and basically helped a knitta out. Redrhonda took home hapless laptop and is, as I write this post, re-organizing the entire inventory list. Yes, you read that right. Rhonda takes no prisoners when it comes to organization. As the band Cake said in their lyrics "she is fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack". Rhonda, you'll be needing a short skirt and a looooong.... jacket. (Sorry if I lost any of you with the song reference. We be Cake fans at Becher Haus.)

Miss Melly helped put out some inventory. She built three wire yarn barns. The inhospitable kind with the corner bits that have to clip together, only she cut the dead weight and merged all three into one giamongous, seven and a half foot long wall of yarn. It is impressive. More stunning still is how little actual swearing and cursing she required to git 'er done. She also did a fair amount of 'boutiqueing' for the shop, and helped find the sales counter. I love having handy friends.

When I got home there was a reminder of tomorrow's 'fashion show' for the "Matilda Jane" line of clothing for girls and their emaciated mothers. Now, as the mother of two gals who look adorable in matchy-matchy dresses (and because this particular brand of torturing them never gets old for me), I had decided I'd go check out what's new for fall. I went to the website hoping to catch a glimpse of what the 'flavor' was to be. You know when you see something spectacular, something so fresh and alive and wonderful that it just stuns you speechless (in my case, a good cuppla seconds) and right away you want to know how you can make it your own? Desire, craving, jealousy, all-out greed. The art on this website was stunning. Just simple photos, sepia, or faded, but all lovely. The colors somber, but strangely joyful. I had the sense of leaves crisply falling to the ground, of the smell of acorns and apples, the cool breeze wafting the scent of earth and tree bark to me. It was web design as 'art'. Not the craptastic templates you see everywhere, but a real study in who their client was. Who are THEY? They are 'One Lucky Guitar' and I read up a lil' bit about them, but as I read on, I came to the realization that I. Must. Have. Them. And I probably can't afford them. *sniff* Clementine has already weighed in on this matter, to point out that they didn't design a 'retail' site, and who the hell can't use the sepia function on their camera phone, and a whole lotta other unflattering things about geeks and artsy-types, and especially about the two combined... something or other about "cloning sheep to do web design"... I didn't stay for the rest of her rant. Shop stress is taking a toll on her, and she's vowed to stay in the gin bottle until I prove the credit card reader works. At least I know where to find her.

That's all for now, gentle reader. I'm off to watch the chirruns' eat their dinner, then it's a little knitting and movie time for moi.
p.s. The other half of redrhonda, a deliciously dark-haired man we'll call 'Scott' has graciously agreed to make Clementine a new cutting table for the shop. She actually insisted (from inside her bottle of Beefeater) that I be sure to thank him. She reminded me how much he dislikes 'non-Olympic' wood-working projects. We are both so very grateful for his consideration. Cami


gaylen said...

Cami - will you send me an email? My hubby through out the envelope with your address and the card with the phone number (Gasp!). Sounds like you have a little better grasp on life today. :) g

Dragonfly said...

I agree with gaylen, you do sound better. Probably because you have wonderful friends that chipped in and saved your sanity. I don't have to tell you how lucky you are to have them!

KnittingMoose said...

Opening your own shop has got to be so exciting! I'm enjoying reading about all of your "adventures." It's so cool that you have so many people helping you out with stuff...somehow even though I don't really "know" you all that well (although reading your blog I feel I do somewhat!) I wish there was something I could to do help, but being many miles away, not sure there would be anything. My DH always jokes whenever we see an empty store for lease, "you could fit a lot of yarn in that store!" I don't think that I'd ever open a store, but it's such a fun idea!

yzarc_irab said...

Hi Cami! Just thought I'd check up on you. ;) The shop sounds AB FAB! Please post more photos soon. I'm up late (or is it early?) frying my brain on Turbo Lister. Selling lots of stuff on eBay, but for some strange reason, the basement (or the house) never seems to get any less full. I don't know how/why this happens, but I better get back to work. Or maybe I should just go to bed. Yes...that sounds like a plan. Later!