Saturday, August 25, 2007

Unintentional Eli

I hadn't realized Eli was even in the room when I took this photo of the south wall of the shop yesterday, as he was being quiet. Stealthy quiet. The reason ? He was in possession of his brother's Playmobil guy and was racing him around the tops of fabric bolts with a hot wheels Jeep and a Batmobile. Drivin' it like he stole it.

So, what you can see of the shop isn't too detailed. I'm not showing the other wall till the 'ladies' get to the shop. Currently they are residing in the Crocker's garage, and it's just been waaay to muggy and hot... you might even say 'sultry' , to get their final coat of paint on. And the ladies musn't be 'tacky' when we put the fabric bolts on them.

The cutting table's progress was updated today as well. It seems all appendages are assembled and doing well, but again the Indiana humidity is stalling their otherwise4 (it had to happen sooner or later) rapid growth and development. I'd show you photos but, alas, I am too thick to find them, even when I move them to the "my pictures" folder. Bill/Boris has a *lot* of crap in there. Pretty cutting table photos have been swallowed, but when I can swipe them from my own camera, you'll be the4 first to know.

Today was a fine day at the shop, and I *finally* had some knitters come in. The past two days were deadly dull and lonesome. The heat here is making the prospect of hunting yarn and fabric seem pretty ridiculous, so to my customers and sit&knitters, thank you for coming. And Naomi found the mugs. I wanted them, and she hunted them down for me. So now there's tea, and as soon as I have the logistics of keeping cream for the4 coffee fresh, we'll be all set. Scones, Red... there'll be scones. And cookies. And petit pain au chocolat. And caramel-pecan stickies... oh, I do despise pms. It turns me into the most crazed kind of bakery whore. If I wasn't so tired and everyone else already in bed, I think I might start a batch of brioche dough this minute. Perhaps Tuesday, after the AGA repairman comes.
Back to Rosemary&Thyme. As you were, knitters. Cami


melly~ said...

ladies? DONE.
The delivery truck will come tomorrow. :)
I don't sweat like I did today for just anyone, yaknow. Feel special, Clementine. Feel. Special.

Bringing the bossman down so we'll have muscle to unload the girls. Fear not, my friend. Your fabric will be off the floor tomorrow.

Annalea said...

The shop looks gorgeous, Cami . . . and that fabric is arranged with the eye of an artist. ;o)

How are the kids doing at the shop? I've often wondered about homeschooling and family businesses, and how the two really coexist.

And wow . . . friends that sweat for you, hunt down elusive mugs, and build cutting tables. How do you ever find them?

Have a great weekend, Cami!

Dragonfly said...

The fabric wall looks great, and that's saying a lot from someone that doesn't quilt! (or sew in any fashion) Eli looks cute there too.

paint in the humidity makes it rough. Sounds like Melly's all set though!

LotusKnits said...

I'm all a-drool over your fabrics! Y.U.M.

Lemme know if you need any help with anything (from afar, of course)! I still owe you $$ and yarn, too!

gaylen said...

Hmmm - those fabrics look georgeous. I can't wait to make something I love - even if I have to send it to time out with you :) Have a good Sunday at the shop, be patient, the knitters will come (be careful about providing too many sticky sweets - you don't want knitters to ruin perfectly loverly yarn). g

Jaye said...

I love the blue close to the ceiling. I love the wainscotting or beadboard or whatever it is. That white is so perfect. Can you just come and decorate and paint my house to mimic the shop? Pretty please with sugar on top?? Thank you!