Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Carpet (yester)Diem

I have to admit that it isn't torture, but rather sheer laziness that prevents me from posting a photo of the dramatic changes the shop has undergone in the past twenty-four. I have packed the camera in the bag for tomorrow's foray into town... you shall not sit be forced to endure another photoless post. As for the carpet, I will say it is less blue than I expected, but then again, I chose it from a 3" sample square. The ocean of extruded plastic we call 'commercial carpet' was just bound to look... more. More gray, more boring, more commercial. To my fellow stitchers, muh knittas, and anyone else who crosses the threshold, I am so terribly sorry, but it was the least awful of the options.

Once the carpet was in (and please allow me to digress here a wee bit...if you are a carpet installer by trade, and thus paid by the job, rather than hourly, do consider firing your hired help if said 'help' runs his complaining mouth twenty times faster than he can move his ass. I am also tired, and waiting for you to finish, so I can take my tired children home, and load up two trucks, a seatless Suburban, and a trailer with stock which has to be hauled into town this same day...) we had loads of work to do, and it was after 11p when we got home last night. this morning Melly and Rhonda came back to help with set-up, and a local shop owner (Julie Wells, of the 'Imagination Station' toy store in Franklin) also kicked in her afternoon to get the software working. Apparently Vista is a monumental pain in the ass even when all the peripherals have the proper drivers, blah, blah, blah. It was a fiercely long day... again... but, and this makes me giggle every time I think about it... Melly (not me) painted the doll,er, yarn houses today. Rhonda got most of the point-of-sale stuff working, and had to leave before the root cause of the day's dilemma was discovered. It wasn't her, it was the darn Vista.

I can barely move my hands, and am desperate for my children to just. Now. My head is going to explode, my fake tooth (the temporary covering the titanium post) has a sharp edge which is cutting up the side of my tongue. My nice soap came today, but all three bars smell of peppermint. A lot. So much for olive blossom and ginger/lemongrass/honey... alllll mint. Perhaps they'll air out a bit. Texture is delicious, though. Possibly the silkiest soap I've ever had my hands in. I'm going to go wash my tired dogs in actual peppermint soap and catalog shop when the kids are upstairs. Load of mail order catalogs came today. I'm really loving the pink and brown leopard print clogs in the Hanna Anderson catalog... yes, my resistance to frivolous purchasing is way down, but I remember how perfect those clogs are if you stand all day... which, apparently I do, now. You go knit something fab... then come taunt me with it, k? Cool. Miss all you... comment, comment, comment. Pretend I put those on your blog, and know I'll be back to real comments soon... I think. Cami


Stephanie said...

Mint will overpower anything when it's packed with it. Let the bars breathe and you will be able to smell their scents. I can't even believe you are still able to type and be coherent after all you have been doing. I would be a big pile of mush in the corner.

Crystal said...

You are making me exhausted just reading about your day! I am sure the carpet doesn't look that bad. 8)

I wish I could have given you a hand at some point but my little guy would cause more work than I could make up for if I brought him, ha ha.

Can't wait to come see the store when you open though.

Annalea said...

Oh, wouldn't I love to drop in and help you set up! For that matter, I would have loved being around to help slop paint & primer, admire the blue tile in person, and take photos for you. I may be lousy at routine stuff (let's not talk about housework), but I dearly love a good work project. I seriously envy you getting to start stashing, er, I mean stocking, the entire store. It sounds like you have a tremendous amount of yarn, girl.

Btw, have you seen this stash? Fun eye candy, no?

Can't wait to see the photos, and I'm so glad that you're not writhing in pain somewhere from your dental work!

I'll have pics of Cami-sponsored WIP's soon. ;o) Take care!

Dragonfly said...

I'm totally with annalea. I would love to help.

No knitting here yet. It's 95 degrees out and too dang hot for me to even think about the winter-ish Christmas presents in my queue.

Can't wait until you post pictures (even though I totally understand current exhaustion!)

Talk soon!

gaylen said...

I was going to email you today if you didn't update! Glad to hear that things are progressing and you are still alive and thinking about kickin. Not much knitting going on here. I'll think about knitting something in your name. g

yzarc_irab said...

Funny post title! I can't wait to see the shop now that the carpet is in...and especially with ALL the fabulous merchandise "installed"!

KnittingMoose said...

Wow, sounds so exciting and exhausting all at once. I can't even imagine how much work must go into opening up a shop like that! So exciting though, I wish you the best!

Senalda said...

Good for people to know.